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A pendulum dowsing board is used to spell out messages and information in conjunction with a pendulum. 

Ideally used in solitude with a lot of  concentration, the dowsing board works best using the strength of your  intent, desire, and emotion.  Ask your question, always declaring that the answers be for your highest good, and rely on your pendulum to spell out the answers. 

Pendulum dowsing board divination is time consuming since the pendulum must seek out each letter one at a time.  However, the answers come from your subconscious, the gateway to "all that is"  rather than attracting negativity by asking "Is anybody out there?".

Working with a dowsing board can be confusing, so the imperial collaboration that is in a board was implemented into this piece that should be worn for 5 days without removing it to implode your body a strong connection with the energies.... then you will want to take if off, and use it as a pendulum on a chain and when you watch the piece as it waves back and forth, you will be flooded with the answers to your deepest, most intent, questions!

If you have trouble making decisions, need help understanding why things occur the way that they do, or simply are looking for success through knowledge, then this piece is for you!!