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Packed with the content of power that will allow your heart to time travel, this piece is extemely strong and will help you heal a broken heart! Do not let someone who hurt you continue to have an affect on your life, as they have moved on and left you to remiss on them. Now you can channel their thoughts back on you and make them regret what they did to hurt you!

This is a majestic piece the will kindle your emotions, heal your heart and allow you to move on. As the power projects, calms, and heals your heart with mended magical essence, it will erupt the content and forecast regret to the one who hurt you!

Once you get the sign of their distraught regret, the final disctintion of healing will interlock and mend your heart fully~!

This is a great piece to help you move on and get rid of follicles that are hindered inside, which are preveting you from fully moving forward with anyone else.

Ready to find true love? Then you need to move beyond the past and be able to start fresh -- and this is the piece to unlock and release that for you!