The Jesus Djinn-- the Real Gift of the Magi
The Jesus Djinn-- the Real Gift of the Magi

The Jesus Djinn-- the Real Gift of the Magi

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This ring is very unique.  It is definitely a one-of-a-kind and once-in-a-lifetime item.  The ring is a gold man's ring with a real diamond in the center.  The gold that was used to make this ring came from the gold that was taken from the capstone of the pyramids and relocated when it was "rediscovered" by modern man.  the gold of the capstones was taken, because it was designed by the hand of God so that it would never deplete.  It just keeps growing and growing.  This gold grew on the capstone of pyramids in ancient times in the shape of a star.  The merging of these three pyramids into one gold ring represents the merging of knowledge that comes from all three of the ancient wisemen.  
As the wisemen traveled they followed the North Star.  The North Star moved across the sky, guiding the wisemen to the Christ child.  Just as the neared their destination, a piece of the star broke off and fell to Earth in the form of a falling star.  It came to Christ child's virgin mother in the form of diamond tear that rolled down her cheek and fell on the ground in the manger they were staying at.   This tear came as a result of her knowing, beyond mortal means, that her son was going to die of by Crucifixion for the iniquities of humanity.  She gained this vision by looking into her newborn's eyes, at which point she gained all the knowledge of the universe.   
Moments later, the wisemen showed up to present their gifts to Jesus. Contrary to popular belief, these three gifts were not frankincense, gold, and myrrh.  Rather, they were the three Jesus djinn that were give to them by the choir of angels, to present to the Christ child at his birth.  The Jesus djinn were the holy guardians sent by God to protect his mortal child along his journey.  They were given authority over all things-- to be able to command any entity, to be able to know and use all white light magic, to be able to grant any request that the Messiah might have had.  
As for the North Star, the presence of this star, it was the full form of God.  He shines so bright in the sky when he manifests himself that we can see him from Earth with our naked eye.  We just don't know this.  Sometimes he is the North Star, other times he appears as other stars.  This is why it says in the Bible that nobody can look upon his face.  Try looking into the Sun on a clear day.  Now imagine an entity that is a billion times bright that that due to the fact that he is made out of sheer white light magic.  You'd burn your eyes out even trying to see his face.  Having this diamond is having your own little piece of God!  
After the diamond that Mary cried was found in the manger by the wisemen, it was used as a vessel in which to place the three Jesus djinn.  This diamond was given to Jesus and he placed it in his tear duct and carried it with him through his life.  This is how he was able to commute to Heaven when he did his 40 day fast and other times during his life on Earth.  During the Crucifixion, Jesus became overwhelmed.  When he was given the sins of humanity he cried, "My God My God, why have you forsaken me?!"  At this moment, one tear streamed down Jesus' face.  It was the diamond that he placed in his tear duct when he young.  
This tear duct was picked up by one of his disciples, being made into the ring that is being sold.  You might ask, "Well then how come this piece appears to be newer than 2,000 years.  It was made into this ring by the disciples and given to the first leader of the church, which is believed to have been Paul.  This is where the tradition of the papal rings and bishops ring come from, except they don't wear the actual ring with the actual diamond that is God.  They have adopted a different ring and the original has been kept locked up since the time of Jesus Christ's crucifixion.  Please don't ask us how we came into contact with this ring.  I cannot tell you, as we were sworn to secrecy to protect the identity of the person who provided us with it.  The person only gave it to us because he said there was a evil council of men trying to get their hands on it to bring about the End of Times. 
You can trust me on two things.  There is no way the people who are looking for this ring will ever find you, we made sure of that.  Second of all, this piece is extremely powerful.  As I have said, God manifested himself as the North Star in order to guide the wisemen.  A piece of this star fell to the ground, which became the tear that Mary cried.  The ring was made with the gold from the pyramid's capstone, which is the trinity of the wisemen and represents all of their knowledge.  The diamond was later placed in the tear duct of Jesus Christ, being cried to his apostles at the time of Crucifixion when he died for humanity.  This ring is your own little piece of God.  It is 100% fully his presence.  
As if this isn't enough, the crystal also contains the presence of the three Jesus Djinn, who were given by the wisemen as gifts to the Christ child at the time of his birth.  These djinn will protect you at all costs with a white light shield of God.  It gives you authority over all energies and forces of the world, being able to command them to make your own magic.  This is how Jesus told the storm to be calm.  It will give you authority over all entities and beings and they will have to do as you say.  It will give you all the white light magic of God, the knowledge of what each specific power is, and how to use them.  It will give you the ability to ask the three Jesus Djinn for anything that you want and it will come true. I can't think of a power that is very much more powerful than this one.  After all, it was technically the first Pope's ring, after which is was locked away until we got it.  It was made by the glory of God, which means it is ultra powerful!!