Madame LaLaurie Painted in Blood
Madame LaLaurie Painted in Blood
Madame LaLaurie Painted in Blood
Madame LaLaurie Painted in Blood
Madame LaLaurie Painted in Blood

Madame LaLaurie Painted in Blood

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This piece records the mystery that shrouds Madame Delphine Lalaurie's life.  By right of birth, she was supposedly a United States citizen born in New Orleans.  That's what it says on her birth certificate anyway.  With the amount of money she was worth, she could have paid to her records reflect the fact that she was African American.  Instead, Delphine Lalaurie was born in France and comes from a long line of aristocratic socialites who have a ton of "old money" wealth.  In the beginning of her life she was introduced to the ways of being pampered and rich.  She was taught her bloodline's secrets of magic and sorcery and was not afraid to use it.  
At a young age, she was transported to New Orleans, in an attempt for the French aristocracy to retake the Louisiana purchase.  She didn't necessarily like her new surroundings, but she adapted well when she began to collect African Americans as slaves.  She mercilessly took them to pamper to her and when she tired of that, she began using them in her ritual magic.  She built a torture chamber in the attic of her estate on Royal Street in New Orleans.  In the chamber she would torment her slaves until the died, then use their blood to make an elixir that she painted on her face to grant her immortality.   This is not the first time that she would use blood magic.  She was accustom to this type of magic, having used it before she left Paris.  
This item is one of the first blood rite magic items that was designed by Madame Lalaurie, before she left France to come to America.  The pin is very old and the painting in the pin depicts a young Delphine.  The red that you see in the pin was done using Madame Lalaurie's blood.  She ordered the artist that she had doing the painting to blood let her arm in this weird ritual that captured part of Madame Lalaurie's soul in this piece.  The artist was okay with this, because the artist was also into the occult and naturally knew what he was doing.  They were pretty much in cahoots.  After the project was done, Delphine has the artist's fingers broken and reformed into somewhat of a centipede that way he could never paint another portrait again.  The last thing that she wanted was for somebody to steal all of her powers.  Even at a young age she was very powerful.  
She brought this pin with her to the United States when she came here.  She originally had it hidden in a chest that was recovered from her property.  The chest was dug up after her death, during an investigation in the murders and rituals that were done at the LaLaurie estate.  Well, it wasn't really her "death".  As I've told her she is an immortal and is alive to this day.  She faked her own death so that way people wouldn't bug her for anyone else.  I can't claim to know where she is or what she is currently doing, but I would imagine that she is somewhere torturing more people so that way she can use their blood to stay young.  The moment she stops with the blood rituals she will shrivel up like a prune and die.  
We found this piece during an investigation at the Madame Lalaurie house.  Why on Earth it wasn't kept with the rest of the artifacts in chest, I'm not certain.  We didn't even go into the investigation with the expectation of finding such an item, but it is clear that somebody wanted it hidden.  We were simply trying to see if we could find any spiritual activity in the place-- which we certainly did.  They made an after hours exception for us to do this, given the fact that many people in New Orleans know Deedee.   
We found this piece while we were investigating the torture chamber in the attic of the house.  Believe me when I tell you it was one of the most creepy places that I have ever been in my entire life.  You can feel the spiritual energy in this place bouncing off the walls.  You can feel the energy of the slaves she murdered for their blood.  At night and while we were there, they cried out in agonizing pain begging us for forgiveness  Of course we couldn't help them.  They were simply in a time lapse and their souls have never moved on.  While we were taking video and documenting our experiences, one of the souls became fully visible to us.  It appeared to us in shadow form, with all white eyes, as if its eyes were rolled up into the back of its head.  It looked almost like a smokey vapor, but held its hand out to point.  It pointed to the floor in the corner of the torture chamber.  
We didnt' know what the spirit meant at first, until it moved, almost robotic like, in and out of reality, to the comer of the room.  It pointed straight down.  It was very eerie, especially when Deedee's eyes rolled up in the back of her head to make her eyes like that of the ghost's.  Deedee told me, in a voice that clearly wasn't her own, "It's in da floor Mas'a', it's in the floor."  Deedee came to immediately after this, but unaware of what she had just told me.  Then, I explained that it was in the floors so we began pulling at floor boards and sure enough one of them came up.  We found this item in a little velvet satchel.  Immediately we knew that the painting was that of Madame Lalaurie.  We've spent a lot of time researching her.  
During testing, we have determined that this piece does hold a tiny bit of the soul of Delphine LaLaurie.  It can be used for a multitude of purposes.  Madame LaLaurie always gets what she wants, which is why this piece pretty much embodies all magic.  She was a sadistic woman and got all that she wanted at all times and if she didn't somebody paid.  This piece coincides with that theory, because it is literally a piece that can do so much for you!  
For instance, given the fact that Madame LaLaurie was crazy, she was a very vengeful soul.  I'm not saying that she will come after this piece when you have it, because she won't. Rather, you can send her after the people who have done you wrong as she is great at revenge magic.  She does it all the time, even wherever she is now, I'm sure.  With this piece you can use her soul form to cast revenge upon people who have been walking all over you and treating you like a doormat to wipe their feet on.  She will go to them and curse them by throwing hexes and revenge spells.   They may not have realized it when they were talking shit about you, but this revenge is very real and very effective.  
She was very wealth in life, which is another power that she brings you.  Delphine loves all the finest things in life-- all the riches, all the treasures.  Her soul form is attached to this piece and will fly through astral realms to bring you epic amounts of wealth, as she will live our her wealth legacy through you.  You will notice that this power will take you from the poorest of the poor, to the richest of the rich.  You don't even have to ask for this power to take effect, it will automatically come to you, simply because Delphine has never liked to live poor and she isn't about to start now!  This wealth will come in whatever form she finds and comes in many different forms.   
Another thing she grants is immortality.  Unlike the fact that she needs to keep using her blood ritual for her immortality, this piece promotes immortality and all you have to do is ask the piece for it.  It has already been charged, so there is nothing that you have to do but wear the piece to become an immortal.  This piece also grants you the ability to become a mortal skin walker.  You get this power, because Delphine used to always dress up in other peoples skin to find her next victims. She had developed a reputation, so she obviously couldn't go to that. 
Lastly-- and probably most exciting-- this piece manifests Delphine Lalaurie's physical form for you.  She uses these powers when traveling to far away places.  This is kind a reverse of that effect.  It will pull her through the realms an manifest her for you.  Then, she will come to you and you can pretty much ask her for the knowledge of any magic you want to practice.  There isn't a magic that she doesn't know the secret to.  She is a magical storehouse.  All you have to to is ask her how to gain any particular magic and she will give it to you, no questions asked.  She enjoys spreading her magic, because it only comes full circle to make her more powerful.  It will make you more powerful too, as you will now be able to ask her for the magic.  She will tell you how to do it and demonstrate it for you as well.  This includes the old magic she learned in France and the her new powers of Voodoo that she learned after arriving in New Orleans.  There is no more powerful piece that this when it comes to Delphine Lalaurie and her original trademark magic.  Make this piece yours today!!