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Her name is Rachel but she is very old. She always wanted to be a nurse as a child and was always looking to find mystical cures to various illnesses. She was much into the occult and the magic of the Gnostics in order to cure. She often had herself cleansed so she could take in pure magics and help others. The problem with her is she is so strong that she smells like death. it will never matter where you put her,even three floors away you will still smell her. At this time we are keeping her in a bag because we don't like the smell of death. It won't hurt you but lets you know she is around. She went on an astral trip when she was 13 years old and was able to fit inside the Ark of the Covenant. This is where she gained her powers. In her travels she was able to astral and physically travel and go inside of the Ark. She did not speak with the angels but absorbed the power they held. She could not speak to them because it would have placed holes in her ear drums. The sound of them is so powerful a human ear even in spirit form can not take it. Rachel is powerful and holds a magic the is so strong she is one of our best. Again the only problem is her smell.