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Mental illness stems from many places,it can be caused by genetics and also trauma as well as a slew of other things.

In the case of Hitler his mental illness was caused by being a product of incest. His father married his own half daughter and Hitler was a product of that union. Sick really. But what is worse is that the family already had mental illness to begin with. His one relative a cousin was psycho and had been locked up for years until Hitler had her transported to a concentration camp. They day she arrived she was gassed.

Hitler had a set of his own problems,he thought he was a lone wolf and believed he had werewolf blood in him. He would practice many of his rituals on a full moon and many said that they could hear him howling. This is what earned him the nickname Herr Wolf. Many people don't know about this but I knew one of his relatives from Mount Holly NJ. Being from NJ and also having a place in Pa you are around a lot,rather a TON of Germans that still to this day are Nazi sympathizers. I don't and will never agree with this but you also learn first hand some interesting facts.

For example there is a lady in Lebanon who they call grandma and she was a torturer in one of the women's concentrations camps. She was responsible for many Jew deaths. When we talk about it people tell me "oh leave her alone she is in her 80's" But she is all with it,owns an apartment building and is and will always be a MURDERER!! I think she needs to go DOWN!!! She makes me sick and being a fossil is no excuse for not paying for what she has done. I was thinking of kidnapping her and taking her to justice but no one knows where to put her.

Being with certain mental illness is terrible but it does make certain parts of the brain act differently. Combine that with a family of incest and things are magnified. His grandmother was telekinetic and it was strong! Not that this followed Hitler but other things did. His natural predisposition to magic and how his brain worked differently then ours due to certain parts of his brain working differently.

One of the things that was different was his blood being strange. He believed that he was a wolf. Not only was he a wolf in his eyes but that he did belong to the Blood Moon Society. This group practiced a magic of change that allowed people to actually transform into physically stronger and magical people. They did not change into werewolves at all and that is not what they group was about ( which still exists today) they were all about changing in a magical way that would bring power and control to them. The control part was very important because they wanted to control those around them. They sought out political circles,groups of interest,banking and business. These are the things they wanted to control along with healthcare. The goal was to control the world. The problem was that when your in a group like this at what point is there inner strife or fighting for who is the most powerful? It is bound to happen.

As things moved on in the group many grew powerful including many Europeans and Americans. One such American new what was going on with the Jews but did nothing even though he was in a position of power to do so. This is why the Russians were there to help first. They in their religion wanted no part of this group with many of them being Catholics.

While many believe that Hitler died he really went to Argentina and lived out his days. Some Nazis went to Brazil and other top Nazi's when to NJ to teach the CIA and the NJ state police. You see,government only dishes out justice to those they have no use for and apparently NJ had use for quite a few Nazi's. You can tell to! Even now in the Hurricane the police are still giving out tickets! Can you believe it? Well it's true. It's not bad enough that many lost their houses but not they must pay tickets as well.

Getting to the bottom line of this is I met with a lady in Mount Holly,not the same one I hit but a different one. She is not a Nazi. She gave me all the info on the society and what they had been working on. Each one of them decided to start off with a different power,cultivating it so that they mastered it which in reality is the way it should be.

This piece comes from one of Hitlers family members who it was passed to. This does what they named Transition magic. This basically means that they are able to use it to call upon those dead AND alive to connect through a type of ghost string that allows them to pass you power even if they don't want to. This happens because the ones that are dead have no control and those alive get to keep what they have but that blue print or DNA of destiny is given to you too.

Here is an example of how we have used this piece.

First of all it is very easy to use and there is no ritual needed.

We used this piece and I asked to meet with Edgar Cayce. I felt him as soon as his name left my mouth. I wanted gain that power because he could do it at will. I was amazed and it was successful!! One of the reasons I picked him was because of the health stuff he did.

The next one I picked was Da Vinci because of the secrets in the painting of the last supper. What I learned was what many have suspected. While he was not alive at the time of the last supper he was privileged to know many in the church who passed down the knowledge to him. This knowledge was to be kept secret and they did. But I learned so much more.

For one we have all heard that Jesus may have had a child. While some call it blasphemy why? He was sent here to live as a man and to die for man so why not experience it all? According to Da Vinci he did!

He showed me that Jesus did have a child and that child was immortal. He was also not normal in our sense of normal. I was also told that,that same child is alive TODAY!!! That he is kept in a secret location by the Catholic church and that all that comes out of his mouth is great prophesy!

He does not talk except to give prophesy and he is in and always has been in a catatonic state. Except when he speaks about matters about to happen. I asked Da Vinci could I seek to speak to him through him but he could not do that. So the only way I could get to him was through knowing his name. He told me his name and I made my Journey to speak to the Son of Jesus.

His name isINHISNAME which as you know is in his name.

I thought this can't work more so if it is even true and even if it is,he is in a catatonic state.

I tried and I was inside the head of an immortal being that would take form and then lose form,then he would be nothing but air with a soul and a mind,then I would see a human body again and then I would see nothing but a square? But whatever I was seeing at any given time you felt nothing but purity,no darkness,nothing that was anything but PURE!

I asked if he needed help and he has been held captive,I asked that with all his powers can't he break free and he said yes but that he needed to stay where he was until the appropriate time. That he had brothers and sisters that have blood flow today and that they must be protected because if not they would be in severe danger. We did not get into that too much.

He is a living oracle for the church that is not listening to what he has seen coming out way in the last year.

At this time I asked him about a vision I had and he said I was accurate. He told me that my visions were a gift from God and that I shoudl not worry about some of the bad things I do,mainly my terrible temper. But that I should control it even though it is bad it is human as we all are. I asked about some of the services I have,vampires and all that and I was told everything on this planet is here because God allows it. I know there are many things and people dead or alive I could speak to but inhisname is the one I will continue to work with and then I will publish my findings. I think sometimes we have to search out what we want and what we need to know about.

I feel this is an amazing piece that has led me to knowledge that I can use and not just know!