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*A customer of ours, Roxanne, recalled a story that took place when she was only 5 years old.

The date was sometime before Christmas. I was sharing the bed in my Grandmother's room at the time. In our old cotton mill house there were no halls. Granny's two bedroom doors opened one directly into the kitchen, and one into the living room. I remember I was lying in the bed with Granny asleep beside me, looking at the Christmas tree which was lit up in the living room. One of the others in the house, either my Great Aunt or Cousin, apparently had not yet gone to bed.

As I lay there, something caught my eye on the ceiling just a little to the right of the bed. It seemed some sort of liquid was forming on the ceiling, and dripped down onto the floor right beside me. The liquid appeared to be thick and dark, and I immediately thought that it was blood. But where was it coming from? The ceiling was just a regular ceiling with white tiles and the liquid seemed to be dripping down from between the tiles. For some reason, and I don't know exactly why, this really scared me. I laid there in the darkness for a while wondering what was going on. I know this sounds strange, (remember I was a little kid) but I thought to myself that maybe a star had died. I crawled down under the covers and finally went to sleep.

The next morning was clothes washing day. When I woke up, I heard the old wringer type washer machine going in the kitchen. I saw my Grandmother, Great Aunt and Cousin standing there by the bed, looking at the little pool of something brownish red on the floor. They were discussing what it could be. Nobody had a clue!

They wiped it up with an old rag and that was the end of it. I never told anybody what I had seen. For reasons I can't explain, I was really afraid to do so. There was no stain on the ceiling where the stuff had come down.

My grandmother passed away a few years ago and the house was sold. The couple who bought it decided to build a second floor onto the ranch style home. When they ripped the roof off, it revealed the crawl space and this piece was found. They called me as I was the contact person from the home sale. They asked it I would like the piece, as they thought it may have sentimental value.

I went and picked it up and was intrigued by the center row of stones -- as it mathed the "blood" that had dropped down from the ceiling. It was a symbol, a sign that I was unsure about. I then contacted Deedee at Haunted Curiosities for assistance, as I wanted answers.

** Deedee studied the piece and realized it is a rare empress beauty piece that was made for Khandis Wilmore many centuries before. It is a token piece that will "shed" the skin that you are wearing and revitalize your body with purity and essential glistening elements tht will bring forth extreme beauty upon you.

Roxanne said that he grandmother was stunning and looked 20 years younger than her true age, she believes that she must have gotten the ring, as she believed in many magic things and then put it away and forgot about it.

She feels that the goop dropping from the ceiling was a sign for her to find the ring when she was younger,  but since she never disclosed it coming from the ceiling they never looked in the crawl space.

Roxanne is beautiful, and she thinks the power is amazing that this piece holds, but wants to age naturally and said she knows that others would love to have a piece to resonate their beauty and grant them youthfulness -- so Deedee was able to retrieve it.

This is a phenomenal piece that will make you light up a room with your stunning looks ~ there is only ONE of these!!