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From deep within the mountain range of Lhotse, which is between Tibet and Nepal, these enchanted beads were discovered. The imperial beads are fortified with reverted energy and have been found to be very powerful.

Many have journeyed this mountain range in search of the noted jewels that were placed there centuries ago. The imparted jewels belonged to Natashia Grawleau, a woman who was royalty in her own mind. She was not a true princess, but you could not have told her otherwise. Her family worked raggedly to grant her everything she desired, as her parents wanted nothing more than for Natashia to have her dreams come true.

She was spoiled rotten and as she got older, and more demanding, it got to a point where the funds were not available for what she desired.

These beads were on her wishlist of what she wanted, and when she learned of the distraught financial condition of her parents she went into a rampage. She had conspirators, whom she had on a payroll, steal the jewels and gifts she wanted; they were promised a great bonus in their paycheck. It was a grand thieving, and the real royalty in her country was looking for the robbers, as they wanted to cut their hands off!

When her "employees" learned that there was no more money and they would no longer be paid, and were lied to about the bonus money -- they retrieved all the items and flew over the mountain range and discarded of them.

There have been discoveries of items several times, but not everything has been accounted for. These 2 necklaces were part of the collection and are incredible!

Natashia went to a mystical witch who lived in her area after the life that she had known went down the drain. She wanted to try and be mystically imparted back into her desires. What ended up happening though, was that the energies instilled in the spell from the witch writhed the emblems in which she had, thus helping others. The witch did not purposely do this, it was the greed of Natashia that imparted things to happen this way!

So all of the items that were stolen out of her greed hold resonant powers and blessings, thus being the reason people exert themselves to find these pieces on the mountain range.

** These are very rare, and we were very excited when Emir and his crew retrieved a few items. They found 4 pieces, and we were blessed to have 2 bestowed to us.... THIS IS THE LAST ONE AVAILABLE!!

The clear, almost holographic, beaded necklace is filled with miraculous components that will merge with your mind to grant you unbelievable ideas to succeed! This would have granted Natashia fragments to bring her individual success, so she would not need anyone. It is nice to be blessed with money, but even better when you earn it! With this piece you will get the install of brilliance that in turn will allow you to earn your keep... as you will understand how to develop and grant new items that will impart advances in the market. You will develop the 'next big thing' when you follow the remnants of rational ideas that will reveal itself to you.

We all have millions of thoughts that encompass our minds as we sleep, and the brilliant ideas are normally kept there, within our minds when we sleep -- with no recollection once we are awake. The power in this piece will grant energy to allow for everything you think to be remembered, and you will implore powerful new particles that will come forth from the majestic magic that the witch blessed this piece with.

Her variant spell was supposed to impose many facets into Natashia and instead separated and surged her items that she greedily had stolen.

Now it is your chance to get this at a "steal" and gain access to enriched ideas that will advance and forever change your life!