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This is a set of levitating cufflinks that hold central particles of extraterrestrial brain chemicals!

These are one of a kind, and truly phenomenal -- the testing on an alien that was captured by the government brought forth the brain that was prodded, probed and drained....

The draining brought about incredible chemicals.. which hold impressive energies and secrets of the "world beyond ours"!!

These are your tickets to encompass, and experience, the creatures who look down on us. To them we are pawns... as we step on ants without a thought -- they look at humans the same way, an after thought. You will learn the imperative realites of their master plans and understand the generative abilities, thoughts and powers that they hold in their home beyond the Earth.

Testers were amazed with the experiences they had while using these -- you are fully protected and will be untraceable by the aliens -- so no worries~!!

If you have always been curious of outerspace and the fascinating aspects of other creatures, then relinquish your authorative nature of discern and implore remarkable power by allowing your body to ride the waves of the astral realms to go beyond and be able to learn, grow and capture unique energies that will change your physical life.