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This item is a layered link pendant.... it implores the facets of all of your past lives!!

You will gain astral images of who you once were and be able to utilize the strengths that you had in those lives!

This piece is energized to allow you to pull the generated qualities from your past lives, to bring you success and talents to prosper in the present~

It unravels the details of your soul as it has been channeled into new bodies... you will understand and be able to de-code things that have never made sense about your current status in life.

Why do you have the vantage points that you do? Do you think it is based on how you were raised, because many people disassociate the same views as their parents... and it is hard to see how you can see things so differently -- did you ever stop to think that you have integrated thoughts and feelings that have come forward from past experiences?

You will be able to make sense of the nonsense that has flowed through your body! And by diving into your past life forces you will be able to channel strengths and empowerments that have stayed with you. It is hard to unlock the pocket of power that responses and stays with your soul -- but this piece is designed and invoked to do just that --- open up the elaborated trigger of energies!!

Very interesting piece that will grant assets of ambiguity into your current life~