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This ring is a vampire protector that will impart blockages from attacks. This will assist you in not losing energies when vampires are near you, or wanting to drain you of powers from another realm.

Research has shown that what most people note as the "24 hour bug" is truly an attack from a vampiric force. Vampires come forth and pull energies from souls to devulge their needs and grow their powers. The aspect of needing blood is only a select breed, Sanguines, however there are many sanctioned types of vampires - and most need energies, not blood, to impart their immortal status.

If you have a certain type of internal energy, known as breverton dulce, you will continue to be attacked, as this energy is a magnetic force that draws in vampires... as they can utilize this force longer and be strengthened more easily.

If you feel that you are often getting sick, having constant headaches, the 24 stomach bug, or just feel sluggish and do not know why -- now you have the answer -- you are a target for vampires to elude power!

This piece will protect your body and spirit and not allow vampire to pull energies from you!! This is a great piece that will allow you to get on with your life and not have to face the constant debilitation that makes you feel drained and "sick" all of the time~