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Mother Shipton

Sticks and stone may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.  Such is the verse that Agatha Southeil lived by who was an orphan who was ugly as original sin.  She was literally forced out of her Yorkshire home with sticks and stone after proudly pronouncing that her child was the spawn of Satan.  This is what Agatha told justices in Yorkshire, anyhow, who then ordered her out siting that they didn't want the impregnated woman who was carrying the Prince of Darkness' baby giving birth in their municipality.  Nonetheless, Agatha was taken in by a group of local nuns into their convent.  This is where Agatha eventually gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Ursula.

During the child's birth a huge jet-black raven stood sentinel by a window.  Outside a thunderstorm clapped, lighting up the sky and sending bellowing rolls of thunder through the convent.  At the birth of the child, all became eerily calm and the bird flew away.  Then Agatha took her last living breaths and died due to complications during pregnancy.  The result of the birth was a big boned child with a crooked body, coarse features, a huge nose and facial warts.  Her name was Janet and she was obviously her mother's child, appearing that her mother's claim of her child being the spawn of Satan not too far-fetched.  The little girl looked like she came right out of a story book of horrors.

Nevertheless, ugly or not, the child was born with special powers, which the convent attempted to cover up.  It seems as though there was some legitimacy in Agatha's claim to having had the spawn of Satan in her womb.  However, as all children are born into the innocence there was a epic battle between light and dark-- good and evil.  This is depicted in the storm and the Raven being rushed away so quickly after Janet's birth.  The result is a child that held an extreme form of dual magic, but never new how to used it-- and the convent did a good job of hiding Janet's power.  I mean, yeah that seems pretty crappy, but consider a raging pubescent teenager who is a spawn of Lucifer knowing about her powers? It would be a disaster.

Instead, Janet was married to Tobias Shipton in 1512 when she was 24 and this is when her power came to fruition, once she wasn't under the influence of the convent's constant white light energy.  Janet's powers proved to be the exact essence of duality.  She has the ability to see into Hell and Heaven, to promote both good and evil, to practice magic that is both light and dark.  She can see and experience both places and pull energy from both realms.   It is a unique gift that is available to a rare few.  She is accepted in both places, as she is a crossover hybrid oracle for both places.  As hated as she was by her neighbors, they revered her for the powers that she had obtained using the duality of her magic.  They began calling her mother Shipton as she literally is a mother of doth white and dark knowledge and magic.

This piece extracts the soul of Mother Shipton from eternal realms.  She is currently in a white light realm but reserves her duality and nothing about her set in stone.  The nuns first noticed a magical buzz about the child, when she began giving them visions of Heaven and of Hell.  If was easy, she's always been an oracle.  She can pass her gift of viewing simply by touching another individual.  When the nuns played with the baby, the were spooked to find out that visions of Hell could be projected simply through the baby's touch.  There were relieved to find that it also gave depictions of Heaven and the eternal salvation God has prepared for use.

During the testing of this piece I was able to use this piece to see into Hell.  It allowed me to look into pits, where I encountered formless souls in the muck of misery and despair.  It felt like hopelessness and like all happy thoughts were eaten alive right out of your head.  I wasn't actually in the realm... like, I didn't travel there, but I was able to see into Hell and feel it and smell it.  There were gushy blobs of dark matter laying all around and it smelled burning rubber and rotten eggs.  I was able to experience the existence of many entities that took many forms including demons, vampires, and warlocks.

On the opposite spectrum this piece allowed me to peer into Heaven and to experience the magnificence of the Throne of God.  I could feel the power of purity in the holy spirit and hear the choir of angels that sang for the Lord.  I was able to communicate with angels through psychic telepathy, where the angels would transfer their thoughts to me via a psychic connection.  Heaven is a place that is super charged with white light and thus it makes the beings there peaceful and tranquil, with a feeling of purpose and achievement.  There is a purpose for what they are doing-- the exaltation of God and the sustenance of the powers of Good over Evil.

This is the perfect piece for those who are curious what the afterlife is going to look like.  It is a good foreshadowing piece that holds the duality of both the worst of Hell and the Best of Heaven.   Using this piece is simple, merely bond with the item and its energies.  When there is a connection to the piece is when you will start receiving your visions and the ability experience both the good and the bad of duality and its powers.