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New Jersey is a great place.  There's lots of good food.  There's plenty of great shopping; and it doesn't lack in attractions or things to see and do.  However, one thing that can be argued about New Jersey is that it has its fair share of the weird and strange.  Such is the case with this item.  It stems from a building that is just plain crazy looking.  Locals know it as Profanity House, because the entire house has been covered, inch by inch, with obscene references to a guy named Mark.  When I Say every inch, I Mean every inch.  Somebody really had some extra time on their hands... either that or there was something else going on at this place.  Deedee decided it was a good idea to scope the place out, because something told her intuition that there was more going on than what met the eye. 

The graffitied buildings are the remnants of what once the once grand estate of the last ruler of New Netherlands, once belonging to the Rutherfurd-Stuyvesant bloodline.  The whole estate is a mere shadow of what it used to be.  The estate can be reached by turning off CR 517 at the 18th Century church graveyard.  You will find yourself on a rather rough road, which will give way to gravel and eventually dirt.  Off to the right of you will notice two immense stone pillars with a rustic gate that once forbade the entrance to something magnificent.  However, those days have long been over.  It is a beautiful sight in a creepy type of way. 

Passing the gate was like lifting a spiritual veil, because as soon as you are past the gates is when the psychic intuition begins to flow.  It lead us down the path, past the few buildings that we easily accessible from the path.  These weren't our buildings.  Nope, that would have been too easy.  Rather our journey took up half way up the wooded mountain that we had to drive along to even get to the etsate.  I'd say we had to venture least a mile into the woods, to pinpoint the precise origins of the psychic energy flow that hitting us all very strongly by now. 

As we ventured, we found this building.  Unlike the rest, it was graffitied in a very different type of writing.  In fact, it was something that none of us recognized.  However, Deedee told us that the place had a very dual aura. meaning it wasn't exactly white light peaches and cream.  It was exactly satanic and dark either.  It was somewhere right in the middle, possessing an energy that was neither good nor evil in nature.  It was just an energy.  Deedee decided it was a good idea to attempt to hold a seance here.  Of course none of us were going to back down because by this point we were just as curious as she was. 

We held a seance in that building that we found in the woods.  We were able to pull through one of the Stuyvesant spirits that still inhabited the place.  He wasn't a normal spirit thought, and we were immediately able to identify the spirit that we pull through a vampire spirit, bound to the estate... apparently by some guy named Mark.  Hence the graffiti cursing Mark.  Never mind that, though.  The important part is what the spirit told us. 

The acres that used to comprise the Rutherfurd Stuyvesant estate is an American Vampire breeding ground.  The Rutherfords come from a long bloodline of Royal Dutch Vampires.  This is why they built their estate so far back in the woods.  Most of the Rutherfords have either been vanquished or moved on, with the exception of a few that still exist, but are bound to the land. 

We agreed to do an unbinding ceremony for the vampire in exchange for a piece of his own magic.  This piece was acquired in the swap.  It comes from the Rutherfurd Vampire breeding grounds in New Jersey and will allow you to birth your own spirit vampires.  You can birth these vampires as few or as many as you'd like with as much or as little power and energies as you choose.  We've tested this piece, birthing a few of our own vampires.  It is is now ready for one of our lucky customers. 

This item will give you the ability to birth your own vampires as described above.  They are dual vampire and contain the knowledge of all things dark and all things light.  They are powerful because they maintain a steady balance of magic, which you will be able to gear towards specific powers and abilities upon birthing them.  I know it may seem corny, but this piece is just like build-a-bear for spirit vampires.  You create the ones you want, giving them the attributes you want them to have.  This way you can have a vampire for each type of magic you wish to possess.  It will also allow you to grow in your psychic ability as this is how you are attached to the vampires you create.