The Sweet Magenta Flower
The Sweet Magenta Flower

The Sweet Magenta Flower

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The Sweet Magenta Flower

(Magenta flower pin) Flowers are majestic due to their production of ambrosia. The nectar attracts bees which they take and transform into honey. Although seemingly insignificant, nectar is nevertheless a very magical ingredient, created from flowers, sunshine, and bees working together. This conjoining of collective consciousness is known as the 'hive mind'.

Legislation decrees that all packaged food carry a 'best before' date, but this seems to be particularly unnecessary in the case of honey, since jars of the stuff are found in the tombs of Egyptian kings several thousand years ago has proved to be perfectly edible even now.

Due to the preservative aspect of honey it is used as a symbol of immortality.

The bees that make the honey have their place in the realms of magical creatures accorded with supernatural powers.

The Promised Land is said to 'flow with milk and honey'; this is said to be the very best that God can offer.

As well as being edible and ferment-able, honey has healing and antiseptic qualities, and a dollop of honey smeared onto a wound will soon draw out any impurities and speed the healing process.

This simplistic interlude of collectiveness created a construction of magic that gave insight into construction of layers that can create and prosper; this implication was salvaged by ancient occultists to form powers that will not distinguish or be able to be taken or messed with once they are placed in an item.

To symbolize the connection of the process they invoked the powers into flower items that could be worn as decorative jewelry; no one would suspect anything.

We were able to come across one of these rare items -- it is a silver blossoming flower that radiates with energy.

Deedee believes this is one of the most enchanted occult items she has come across.

It is an interaction of powers that will not dissolve, no matter what. You will retain an ultimate piece of extreme power.

This item has showcased abilities of: energy sourcing, negation, kinetic absorption, pheromone manipulation, mental projection and telekinesis.

Our testers worked with this item for 4 months and they feel it holds even more than they were able to confirm. Deedee feels it may be the testament to all occult powers -- enriched to showcase the elements working together to 'feed the seed' so to speak -- like the nectar from the flower!