Ravaged Sexual Robbery

Ravaged Sexual Robbery

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Ravaged Sexual Robbery

A crisis of  personal identity, and mankind’s crisis of identity as well, are introduced as both attempt to transform from tailless monkeys into something else—the super-werewolf.

Despite Zembor's chosen path through life,s he discovered that nothing about  herself was quite what it seemed to the rest of the world! Her stature and personality leads you to believe she is a prostitute, but in reality she is virgin. She is showcased as youthful and vibrant, when in reality she is thousands of years old~!! Everyone would think she is human, but we discovered that she is a werefox, and her profession originates from her ability to use her tail which causes men to believe she is the exact incarnation of their most disturbing fantasy!!

When someone is indulging in her services,  they are merely indulging in something originating from their own mind as Zembor busies herself by lying next to them, disconnected, reading—and scoffing—at scientific literature written by the likes of Stephen Hawking.

We learned of her reputation and wanted to try and get a fantasy mind island piece made with her energies, and then learned the truth about her. The kinetic connection of her being is incredible and she will bring forth the sensations and tantalizing pleasure that any sexual encounter would bring you, but without even touching you!!

We wanted to know why she did this, and why she kept her virginity and placed these games?! The men, and women, who have encountered her pleasures would have never known they were truly being "robbed" of a true encounter with Zembor -- because they all enjoyed themselves and they were so involved with the kinetic charge that she placed on them, that they loved their sexual experience "with" her.

She was the radiant ugly duckling of her family and thus is why she kept her virginity for so long, then as she got older she blossomed and everyone gave her attention, but they only wanted one thing -- SEX! So she used her tactile skills to embark the trick she now has been playing for centuries

Her longing for real love is still strong, and she now has been pulled into this ring, which will entail you as her one and only. She does not care if you are a man, or woman -- as she wants someone to love her and make love to her. She of course knows many wild and kinky tricks... as her fantasies have been encouraged by all the encounters she has made real in the minds of others... but now you will get to have the embrace and strength of her first REAL time!!

This will not be a robbery for you, as you will be able to give it to Zomber good and make her feel your love -- !! This is an amazing piece that will bring you a great connection, or allow you a mistress on the side... which due to the spirit realm vs. the physical realm will not entail true cheating :)