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Ushering in A Golden Age

One theory impacting the existence of the whole 2012 scare is that our Sun may be in a binary system with a brown or red dwarf star.  Astronomers first visited this theory in 1987 as a way to account for cycles of mass-extinction that appear in geological record.  In 1984 David Raupand Jack Sepkoski, both paleontologists, examined the fossil records of some 250 million years of fossil records and observed that massive species extinction occurred at 65 million year intervals.  Two separate groups of researcher examined the date, determining that the Sun had an as yet undetected companion star in a highly elliptical orbit. 

An additional crutch for this theory comes from the Hindu Vedas, which is the ancient wisdom of India.  Hindu cosmology includes and explanation of the phenomenon of Precession of the Equinoxes through a cycle of individual ages called Yugas.  These are mirrored in the description of Greek Ages.  In this theory, the binary companion sun, which is all powerful source of astrological knowledge, ushers in a Golden Age.  However, in its wake, the the companion Sun leaves behind an age of darkness, where knowledge is digressed and during which the world plunges into unconsciousness.  Could it be that this symbolically represents the arrival of a binary sun?  I'm not sure.  I'm not an astrophysicist or an astronomer, so I'm not quite sure.  However, I can tell you that if the binary theory is true, this piece is the closest thing to proof that I have ever experienced.  

This piece is a white light piece that we got from Raviniska a while ago.  It is a piece that, like the theory of the 1980s and the and Hindu lessons, is meant to combined polar opposites.  However, it is one that will work for your body, rather than the solar system.  I mean the power has to come from somewhere, so maybe it mirrors something, but as for the energy in this piece it will only work for your mind.  There are constantly states of mind in which our spiritual self is battling.  These are our physical states of mind-- the ones that want to keep us ground to what we know and comprehend as real.  Then there are those spiritual states of mind that constantly want us to float away to experience existence and all the higher intelligence, powers, and wisdom that it has to offer.  Our spiritual self relies on white light energy that is radiated into our galaxy and onto our Earth from somewhere in the universe.  However, our physical bodies need sustenance other than mere spiritual existence.  Thus, there are two polarities-- complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  

This item uses ancient Hindu magic to create a duality and balance within your mind, body, and soul.  It will allow you achieve maximum spirituality, while keeping the needs of your physical vessel satisfied.  It will allow you to become enlightened with the white light energies of the universe-- and will allow you to tap into the knowledge of the Universe to fully understand the coming of Ages and how the universe is constantly shifting and evolving for the sake of its own survival.  It explains the existence of the Visnunabbi or Grand Center, from which all magic and energy flows freely and will bring you all the powers and energies of this center once you have fully bonded with this item and have obtained the spiritual oneness that it offers.