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These are a little strange. The next few people you will see are all from the civil war era. These are men and one child that stumbled into a whirling vortex of spirits. When they came out the hands they have became spiritual hands.

I'm watching real Housewives of NYC and I wonder if life could get more boring then theirsω They go to fashion shows and seem to talk about each other. They just said the one womans husband is  gay. I think he is too and I think he should just go with that. My best hair dresser ever was gay and he could have looked better then me! A good pair of heals,some lipstick and a swish of the hips and it was all he needed. OOOH one of their kids has head lice,YUCK!

Anyway back to this.

Most of you want power and to gain something. There is no regard for spirits anymore. These men and one child which will go on are very special and thats why they are going on.

As you can see in most of the pictures they are showing you hands that seem unreal. These are the hands of divine touch. They want a home and that can wave their hands like wands and give you the things you need and want. They have wandered for many years together keeping the secrets they have. In the time they lived it was not normal to have the abilities they did.

What they all can do.

They can all give healing,they can twist minds by placing their hands on someone. I hate to use that term because it is not exactly like that but more of a heavy energy push in your direction for what you need.

They have the ability to make contact for you with relatives and friends if they want to make it with you. Most all do unless you just don't get along.

They act as full family members and are guardians to the entire family.
Don't worry about what the pictures look like. They never smiled back then because it just wasn't in fashion.

At the end of all descriptions you will find the name of the one your looking at .

All are used to creatures and other spirits. All have great and happy personalities. Again do not go by the picture because you can't. I have had such fun with all of them. They are all wonderful and helpful. My back was hurting yesterday and the one worked on it for me. I didn't feel it but then the pain was gone.

This ones name is Simon