Blood Pendulums-- Gems of Isis  AMETHYST SPIRIT CAGE
Blood Pendulums-- Gems of Isis  AMETHYST SPIRIT CAGE

Blood Pendulums-- Gems of Isis AMETHYST SPIRIT CAGE

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There are four of these items.  As the title suggests, they are blood pendulums that I am calling the gems of Isis.  The entire story of how we got these pieces isn't realy that important.  The fact that we have these items is amazing enough and to be honest there isn't really an extravagant story or investigation behind these pieces.  Egypt is going through a very tumultuous time right now and some people are willing to trade anything for powers that will allow them to gain power and wealth in their country.  This is basically how we got these items, through a trade with a person in Egypt who had the need to conjure a nest of djinn.  Needless to say, he didn't need these pieces anymore.  I don't know if the Egyptian wizard he got these pieces from can make more or not.  All I can really attest to is that these pieces are extremely powerful and I'm excited for those four of you who will be receiving these pieces.  

Before I tell you these pieces are and the powers that they encompass, let me tell you about the person who was invoked to give these pieces there powers.  The powers and energies that have been invoked into these pieces comes from the Egyptian Goddess Isis.  Arguably she is the most powerful Egyptian deity to have ever existed.  Some people may argue that the most powerful ever was Ra.  However, I would give credit to Isis for the simple fact that she had all the powers that Ra did-- she was his exact female opposite-- AND she had compassion for her people.  Ra was more of a rule or be ruled God.  Isis knew she had the power and knew it wasn't going anywhere.  Therefore, she could show a more compassionate side of herself to her people.  

What makes me say she is the most powerful?  Well, to begin with she is the patroness of the naturally occurring forces of nature.   She can control weather, she can divine water, she can use the forces of nature to her advantage in conjunction with her magic.  She is also the patroness magic, alchemy (both physical and spiritual), and divinity.  She has the god powers of being a creator-- being able to speak things into and out of existence.  She presides over the realm of the dead and is the guardian of the spirits in the realm of souls.  She can perform necromancy and has the knowledge of the Book of the Dead.  

Isis is the Daughter of two deities.  Her father is Geb, god of Earth.  Her mother is Nut, goddess of the sky.  She is the offspring and manifestation of the merging of the two former deities.  Thus, she is the ruler of all magic and knowledge of both realms.  She holds dual powers because she is a goddess that encompasses all things.  In fact, her very name means, "She of the Throne", and she sits upon a throne of magic and knowledge.  

These pieces are so powerful simply because Isis has raised four spirits from the realm of souls.  She has given these souls all of her knowledge and magic.  She placed the souls into these four Blood Pendulum.  These four Blood Pendulums hold all the secrets Egyptian magic and divinity!  There isn't a facet of Egyptian magic that these items do not encompass.  By activating these items, you are divulging the very magic that catapulted the Egyptians to greatness.  It is the very magical essence and being of the goddess Isis and all of the magic that the Egyptians have ever practiced-- because it came from her!  

These pieces are called Blood Pendulums for a reason.  The reason is because to activate their powers you must prick your finger your finger and allow your own blood to drop into some sort of container.  Then dip your pendulum into the blood.  The Blood Alchemy in these pieces will electrify the energies in your piece and it will then be activated, brining you all the powers of Isis and Egyptian magic and sorcery.  The spirit that has been infused into your piece by an Egyptian wizard, which contains all the knowledge of Isis, will then be awakened and will act as your spirit guardian, leading you to great heights in the knowledge of Pure Egyptian magic.  This piece encompasses all facets of Egyptian magic and is a very exciting opportunity.  Make sure you take advantage of one of these four pieces while we still have them available!!