Diary of Laveua
Diary of Laveua
Diary of Laveua
Diary of Laveua

Diary of Laveua

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Diary of Laveau

We got this piece during a secret consultion with black woman that we are simply going to call Alex.  Alex is one of Marie Laveau's closest consorts, as she was trained by Marie in the art that was handed down by a spirit simply called Dr. John.  The piece is one of the most powerful testaments to Voo Doo magic that you will ever encounter.

Marie was born in the 1800s.  Her childhood remains pretty much shrouded in mystery for the most part.  However, in a city that creeps with magic and mysteries behind every corner, Ms. Laveau's magic is undeniably the most powerful to have braced the New Orleans city limits.  

When people think Laveau, often times they think synonymously of devil-worship or satanist and this is not true.  In fact, the only reason that she was ever labelled as such can be attributed to the narrow minds of Christian clerics.  On the contrary her magic is of a dual nature and carries both light and dark energies and powers.  Those who say dark magic is evil or satanic aren necessarily right.  While dark magic does have its negative connotation, it can also just be magic that is used for the wrong reasons-- or used in a way that it is not intended to be used.  The person who does the magic is in control of the magic; and there are both positives and negatives, or darks and lights, in all that we do.  

To back up my claim that Marie Laveau was a good person conisder the following.  She would earn her wages by selling her magic tips and tricks, which she would then use to purchase slaves.  She didn't use these slaves to her advantage. Rather, she bought them and freed them so they could do as the pleased.  She also used her white light abilities, herbal remedies and healing powers at local hospitals during cholera and yellow fever break outs. 

One particular slave she purchased for freedom was one Alexandrine who became one of her closest and most faithful students.  She bought Alexandrine who was married to the love of her life, who latered achieved immortality with the help of Ms. Laveau and is alive and well to this day.  Introduce Alex, the person from whom we've obtained this item.   

With all of the above being mentioned, I'm not going to say that there wasn't a darker, more mysterious part of Marie's magic.  The dark consultation of Marie Laveau was sought by many powerful and high ranking individuals in the City of New Orelans.  They would visit Marie at her St. Ann Cottage and sit with her to discuss matters.  Whether they needed wealth in business, to raise others from the dead, or to conjure souls or creatures from otherworlds-- Marie was always there for their needs and she was always right.  This was due in part to her years and years of faithful devotion to her craft along with the help of a spirit she called Dr. John.  

Ahh, yes... Dr. John.  Nobody really seemed to have ever known who Dr. John was.  However, I can tell you that Dr. John is a Voo Doo god and is Marie Laveau's personal source of power and divination.  It is said that she rode off on a train with Dr. John to travel the world during the time that she disappeared.  It is said that Dr. John showed her the world and taught her the many powers from ever corner of existence.  

While it is true that she travelled with Dr. John, she definitely did not ride off on a train with him.  In fact, you can take what is perceived to be the truth and push it one step further.  Yes, Laveau did travel the world, possessed by her personal Voo Doo god's spirit.  He taught her many things and many different types of magic and powers.  However, he also allowed her body to possess his spirit form and he showed her the realms of VooDOo magic and spirit-hood.  She was able to travel the realms to experience pure, unadulterated VooDoo powers.  She was able to experience what it was like to have the true powers of a VooDoo goddess, that she brought back into the realms of mortality.  This is when she was no longer offended by what Christians and the Catholics said about her.  She embraced her powers and finally accepted her role as the reigning Mortal VooDoo Queen.  

This item is a Marie Laveau VooDoo pin cushion.  It works in a reverse fashion.  It comes with a few pins that have been given powers directly from Marie Laveau.  They have been cast with pure VooDoo Magic and every time you stab this pin cushion you will be given a full premonition and a look into the life and times of Marie Laveau.  You will be able to see what she saw and experience what she experiences.  When you gain a experience from Marie Laveau's life, you will also gain that power.  The experiences are at random and this piece can be used time and time again.  You will never run out of experiences and you will never stop gaining raw VooDoo power.  Eventually, when using this piece, you will also be able to walk through the realms of the VooDoo Pantheon such as Marie Laveau has.  

When using this piece, you must let it recharge between uses, because it is constantly gaining life and vitality and growing in knowledge.  For instance your might not get as good of results if you use it once a day versus once a week or twice a month etc.  However, we have tested this piece and I can tell you that the experiences are well worth it!!