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Pulling Spirits, Part 1: The Piece That Made It All Possible

It is said by many paranormal experts that spirit realm is created as direct result of an overlapping of two dimensions. It is not a super rare occurrence, although it is not common that the average human is in a state of consciousness that allows them to witness this phenomenon. This is were the special ability of psychic and clairvoyant powers come into play. Unfortunately, not all of us have these abilities and sometimes they are rather difficult to teach to another individual. It's a kind of nature-given talent that people are just born with. Unless of course we throw into play a little bit of mysticism and supernatural ability.

The piece that you see here has been inlaid with a power that allows a person to obtain the ability to become a substantial prophet of the spirit world. It will give its host the ability to see things that are naked to the human eye. It will open up a sixth sense perception in your spiritual existence that will allow you to see spirits in raw form, along with the portals that they are derived from.

When I say portals, I make it plural because not all portals are the same. Portals in our world represent different realms of existence in the spiritual world-- different eras, different places, different people. It is important to understand that one must always exercise caution and use their newly found clairvoyant ability when approaching a found portal.

It is equally important to understand the following. This piece will give the host the ability to create a spiritual portal of their own accord. However, just remain aware of the fact that you must use 100% of your ability. Use this piece in a quiet setting where your concentration will not be broken, as a means of making sure you open the portal you want to open. If you open an unintentional portal, you may let in uninvited visitors and that could a problem for those around you. We have thrown a protection hex at this piece that will protect the host and its household, but the neighbors aren't always guaranteed safety.

I used this piece several times. In fact, it is this piece that I used when opening the portal that I will talk about in the next few segments of this series. With this piece I was able to open a portal in a highly spiritually active necropolis near my house. At first there was nothing, just the graveyard and silence. After about three minutes though, a light silvery mist began to set in, that kind of resembled fog, but was totally translucent. I was completely engulfed in the mist, when I began to notice little orbs of light, all in varying size, but none bigger than a a grapefruit.

I was able to hold my concentration and pull through a few meaningful spirits, but I will I save that part for the next few segments of my documentation. The important part to take away from what I have said is that this is the piece that allowed me the experience. It is very potent and will give any “average Joe” super psychic abilities. It will completely renovate your extrasensory perception and give you abilities of epic measure. You definitely do not want to pass this opportunity up, because of its life-changing nature. You will receive the piece you see here and I bestow upon the new host the blessing of safe and successful endeavors.