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Pulling Spirits, Part 2: Ancient Runes of a Mighty Sorceress

The first spirit that I was able to pull through was the spirit of a sorceress that is as old as time itself. I could tell she wasn't from any easily distinguishable time period, because she was covered in garments that were woven in an extremely rudimentary style. It look as if she was wrapped in a very durable type of plant, not really sure what it would be called. I didn't ask.

She was a meek little thing, who looked as though she had lived to see her fair share of trials and tribulations, but there was something that pulled her through it all, because she had a fierce demeanor about her. She looked like one of those “take no crap” old ladies. Although primitive, she looked at me through piercing brown eyes that seemed to tell a story all on their own, as if she had a mind packed full of valuable wisdom. I was left wondering to myself what it was that was so special about this spirit that my ESP had guided me to her. That's when the communication began.

Now, when I say communication, I don't mean that we simply struck up a bit of chitter chatter. It was a mental sort of communication. She could read my mind and was fully aware of my emotions. In turn, she was able to eject what she was feeling and thinking from her mind into mine. She was casual about it, as if this was customary for her, wherever she came from.

We communicated for a while, during which I made many inquiries into her existence. She answered me in a still, yet patient manner. My interest seemed to spark her personality after awhile and she shared with me the secret of an ancient set of runes that she has carried with her for her eternity, which has been a long time. The runes themselves are an ancient manuscript that holds the secrets of an ancient type of alchemy from the beginning of time.

The runes give their host the unique ability to source your own brand of magic, spells, charms and invocations. The host will gain the ability to create its own mystic recitals to summon the assistance of other magical spirits. It allows the host to produce its own unique type of potions and enchantments. This piece will also give the person the possesses one more unique ability, so you have some homework to do. The host will be given the ability to resurrect one person from the past to obtain the person's wisdom, intellect, powers, and abilities.

There are no bars on this magic, but keep in mind it weighs a heavy forbearance on your karma. The magic of these runes rely heavily on a balance of good and evil. With that being said, there is always an opposite and equal reaction for every action. My suggestion? Play nice. You will receive the piece that you see here, which has been infused with all the powers of the runes that are carried by this aged and knowledgeable sorceress.