Martial Magic, Dopplegangers, and Cheating Death:
Martial Magic, Dopplegangers, and Cheating Death:

Martial Magic, Dopplegangers, and Cheating Death:

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Martial Magic, Dopplegangers, and Cheating Death: My Own Personal Experience

I love trying new things. I like to push my limits and sometimes there are no boundaries to the things that I will do for fun. The power that I am offering you is a direct result of me pushing my luck almost too far. I was experimenting with a new form of astral projection that was introduced to me by a martial artist from Asia.

I was able to put my soul outside of my body and travel to interdimensional realms, you know all the stuff that goes along with that. It was pretty cool, but Lei, the person whom was assisting me with this tricky feat , warned me that if I begin to lose concentration to return to my body. If my body awoke with out my soul, my spirit would be trapped in a dimensional rift forever.

I embarked upon many rifts that time, and when I came to a certain place, the fun changed and things began to get serious. I saw a spirit that eerily resembled myself. The spirit glanced at me and then turned away, almost in too much of hurry. This sparked a wild game of cat and mouse, the spirit fleeing, me chasing it.

My body must have been weary, because I got the weirdest feeling of my heart beating, even though in this form I didn't have one. Then, I heard a very loud screeching sound and could make out the voice of my friend Lei, just distantly, but almost distinctly. I remembered what Lei had told me, but I didn't care, I wanted to see why this spirit was hiding from me, so I pursued the chase.

I chased the spirit down; the whole time Lei was beckoning me, almost frantically to return. I couldn've give up yet, though. I was in hot pursuit when things began to go horrible awry. I could hear Lei begging me to return, that my vitals signs were showing that my body was about to wake up without me. I traced down the spirit, demanding to know what was going on. The spirit stopped dead in its tracks, simply turned around, smiled and told me my time has come.

I latched a hold of the spirit, dragging it with me, and making it my captive. I was determined as hell to make it back to my body in time, and truthfully, almost didn't make it. However, when I awoke, in my human body, my surroundings were familiar and I knew that I had been successful. Among sobs, Lei reprimanded me, until I told him what had happened.

Turns out what I had encountered was a phenomenon known as a doppleganger, which is the spirit of the second self that comes to forewarn you of death, which I had clearly cheated. It also turns out that I had pulled the spirit through with me, and it had formed a sort of double existence with me, giving me the psychic ability of being able to sense death in those around me, warn them, and help them cheat death as well. Additionally, I was given the ability of performing the astral magic from my doppleganger's realm, which an ancient from of martial arts magic that helps me perform spells, and supplements my other magic by making it more powerful.

I recently developed a way to duplicate the power that has been placed into my being. This is how I can offer the pieces that you see here. With these pieces you will gain the uncanny psychic ability to sense death in those around you. You will be given instructions on how to help those people, and even yourself, cheat death. Whether that means not taking a plane ride, not eating at a certain place, or whatever other circumstance arise, you will be given the answers. You will also be given the same form of martial arts magic that I have been given. It would be wise to use this ability responsibly and appropriately, because you know what they say about karma.