The Darkest Piece We'll Ever Sell
The Darkest Piece We'll Ever Sell

The Darkest Piece We'll Ever Sell

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While the name Rollo Ahmed may not be a household name, it is definitely one that is well known in the circle of occultism.  He is often considered the father of all dark magic, and accordingly, this piece has a lot of dark undertones to it.  Now, you don't have to worry about getting caught up in some dark crap that you aren't going to be able to pull yourself out of with this piece.  This is because we have already blasted it full of white light energy, so now instead of being merely a dark item, this piece has been transformed to an item of duality.  It still doesn't change the fact that this piece has been created by him and it holds all the naturally occurring power that he had within himself.  He was able to awaken these powers and more or less sold his soul to the Devil to bring these powers to full fruition.  
Rollo was alive in and around the same time that Aleister Crowley.  He tried to teach Aleister in the way of dark arts and Satanism.  He actually helped Aleister  to establish the mystery schools of dark arts that he presided over.  However, Aleister would never become as powerful as Rollo was, simply because Rollo is these most powerful dark arts entity of modern times and of all times.  There isn't a faction of the dark arts that he didn't master and there really isn't a mystery school that he hasn't taught at.  He was even welcome to the Greek Mystery Schools as well as the Egyptian ones.  He has traveled the world to obtain his power, after having been originally been taught by Marie Laveau, the immortal, at a very young age.  
Rollo Ahmed is originally from Africa, but he moved to the UK at a very young age.  This is where he met Marie Laveau at an underground meet up that was going on in London.  The struck it off quite nicely, with Marie Laveau taking him under her wing to teach him all that she ever knew about Voodoo.  By this I mean real Voodoo in its purest form as they practised in Africa.  It's not this watered down, let the Catholic saints mask our agenda like Santeria and American Voodoo sometimes take.  It is the real deal with real energies that produced real magic.  He used his knowledge during a pilgrimage that he took as a young man, back to Africa to learn from the elders who still practice this magic.  When it was all said and done, he turned out even more powerful than Marie Laveau-- about a thousand times more powerful than she will ever be.  This is because he was born with it in his blood.  He is the direct bloodline.
After mastering his powers and becoming undoubtedly the most powerful dark arts entity in the world, he moved back to England.  Here he gained preference among the royals, after he would oversee their magical orgies and rituals.  These rituals were designed to bring power and wealth and you can plainly see that this is going well for them.  He often took part in the rituals, as well.  The royals in England figured that if they could get their hands on him, they might turn out just as powerful as he would.  This worked to a point, but Rollo knew that his power, in its entirety, could not be passed simply through sexual contact.  That didn't stop him though.  He enjoyed the female attention.  He probably banged more white chicks than college frat boy.  
One more thing.  Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that just because the history books say that he has passed away, that Rollo is dead.  He learned from his predecessor, Marie Laveau, that sometimes death is the best way of becoming even more powerful than before.  This is because you don't have people bothering you for this or for that.  After staging his death, Rollo went on to become an immortal. He prefers his place in the shadows, although he will make appearances every once in a while.  He does this under the guise of being "summoned" so that way people don't know that he is still alive and well, developing his magic to the point that it cannot even be paralleled.  And that little book that he wrote?  That isn't even a fraction of what Rollo really knows.  How do we know this that well?  Well, like I told you before, this piece was made specifically by his own hands.  You don't have to worry about how we got this.  Quite simply, that is for us to know.  The fact is that we have it and we are offering it up for sale.  
This piece embodies the magic that Rollo has been perfecting for over 100 years.  With it you get the dual forms of his magic, because we have blasted it with white light, because we know that pure dark magic freaks some people out.  That is why we are calling this a dual magic piece.  This piece brings you every dark art and magic imaginable and to start you out, here is an idea of exactly what this entails.  You will be able to fully comprehended and utilize the powers of necromancy.  This will allow you to communicate with the spirits of the dead and to gain their powers.  This also allows you to raise people from the grave, but not to where they are in a zombie form.  They will come to you,the same way they left, with their same body shape and all their same abilities to talk and interact.  It will be like you are simply re-breathing life into them.  They will become fully animated as if they were actual people who never had a care in the world.  
Another power you get with this is the best of the Voodoo powers. This includes the ability to materialize Voodoo magic-- all Voodoo magic including all spells-- and to "throw" this magic at people.  By this I mean you don't need a Voodoo doll.  This piece allows you to use Voodoo simply by projecting the Voodoo magic forms into the minds of others in thought forms.  There is no stabbing dolls at all.  You can do this short range, by simply standing in front of the person and thinking it into their brain, or you can do this long range, by thinking of a person's image and then projecting the thoughts into their brains.  The short version works more quickly, but the long version works just as well.  You will just have to take a little more time if they aren't directly in front of you.  That's all.  You can use this Voodoo power to invoke any God for any power
This power brings you black magic, including the knowledge of all blacks spells, how to summon dark entities, all dark rituals including orgies and sex magic, and anything else you want.  It will be like you have become a dark medium and all of Rollo's knowledge will be at your disposal.  Again, we say dark but it's actually dual because of the modifications we put this piece through.  It literally embodies any and all dark magic that you can possibly think off.  There are some that are more potent and more powerful than others, but this piece will deliver no matter what power you are looking for.  It is a very present and very active piece.  You merely have to call out to the dark sorcerer what you want and he will grant it to you.  Whether this is voodoo magic, necromancy magic, general magic, or some other type of magical form.  We have put this test through several trials and have not come up empty handed on one single attempt!!