Flip Me a Fish-- Give Me the Wealth
Flip Me a Fish-- Give Me the Wealth

Flip Me a Fish-- Give Me the Wealth

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As I'm sure you all know, wealth is one of the main powers that a lot of our customers are searching for.  In today's world, we live in a society where the wealth is controlled by the top 1% of the world.  There are corporations that are umbrellas of even larger and richer corporations.  The people who control these corporations are the ones that gain all of the wealth.  It is just how it happens in today's capitalistic society.  There are only three ways to the top, as I see it; and by the top I mean the tip-top.  I'm not talking about, ohhhh-- I found a lottery ticket worth $1M.  I'm talking about wealth that renews itself, that keeps coming even when you aren't looking for it.  I'm talking about wealth that is held by the people who rule the world-- people like the Cavendishes and the Kennedies and the Windsors and the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.  I'm talking about the families that own the rest of humanity.  This is the kind of wealth I'm talking about.
These three ways to the top are as follows.  You can either be born into the wealth, like Paris Hilton or the Kardashians.  They have done absolutely nothing to have privilege.  They were born into it.  You can know somebody who has influence.  You will probably have to kiss their ass a bit and tell them how great they are, but if you know somebody who is on the inside, the likelihood is that they can pull enough strings to get you there, too.  The fact that you have to brown nose your way there may or may not be your style.  Then, again, they may just be looking for some casual no-strings-attached fun, in which case carry on.  However, if you are born into it and you aren't willing to brown nose or sleep your way into it, there is one more way to  get.  Gain the types of magic that these families have procured for years to gain the wealth they have.  You don't think that these people woke up one day and were like, "I'm going to hit it rich today!!," do you?  No, they have magic and this magic gives them the wealth that they desire, the wealth that they crave, the wealth that leaves them wanting for nothing else ever again in their life.  
About six or seven years ago, we went on want we called a wealth tour. We didn't tell anybody about this, because we didn't really want anyone to know.  We wanted to take our time and make sure that these items really worked before we listed them to the website. I can tell you that these items have been tested thoroughly.  Each one of these items comes from a different culture.  If you've ever seen the Food Network channel and you've watched one of those special, where they travel the world in search of rare food, this is kind of what we did.  Instead, we traveled the world in search of rare wealth items.  They are items that will bring you wealth and prosperity to the point that you will never have to worry again.  You will never have a financial burden again.  All of your monetary concerns will be eliminated, due to the wealth that these pieces bring you.  We did eat good food also, but aside from the fact that we are foodies and we find our food magical, there is nothing else magical about the food-- but we loved it.  Now on to the pieces.    
Ironically enough, this first item on our list has everything to do with food.  It came from a time when we were visiting Prague for the best of the best wealth items.  When we went to eat, we told the cook what our purpose was in the Czech Republic and he told us that he had the perfect dish for us.  It was a dish that is traditionally served on Christmas Eve.  It consists of fish, but before placing the fish on the table for the customer, the waitress first placed the fish's scales on the tabe.  The plate of food goes on top.  
In old Czech tradition, this is a process that brings wealth throughout the year.  Not just once, either.  It is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.  It is extreme wealth, but it only works if you are within the vicinity of Prague.  I don't know why this is, but we tried doing this again by ourselves and it was to no avail.  This is not to be worrisome though, because as we were eating our fish dinner, we channeled the energies of wealth into this piece!  
This piece embodies ancient Czech magic, more specifically wealth.  Using this piece will generate the same wealth as eating the Czech dinner on Christmas will generate.  It is cyclic wealth that is given to you that just keeps searching for itself.  It like the snow ball effect, you use this piece once and it births wealth to you. From them on the wealth keeps adding to itself and adding to itself.  You can use this piece more than once, it will just add more than one funnel from which your wealth is pulled.  Bottom line... this piece brings extreme wealth!!