12 Archangels of Atlantis

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We have some very diehard fans of Atlantis. This piece is for you. The piece itself is gorgeous. This piece is one that we got from the Underground Auction from a lady that had gone on an investigation to get it. We aren't sure what all the investigation entailed, only that she had to leave the Earthen realm to get the stone that was then used to create this piece. The stone is important because it comes from a place in anient Atlantis called the Temple of Life. The Temple of Life is like a chamber of souls. A copy of each soul that has existed in Atlantis is kept there. This particular stone is even more important that the average piece to comes from the Chamber of souls, because it holds what are known as the 12 Archangels of Ancient Atlantis.

This piece holds the soul essence of the 12 Archangels of Anciet Atlantis, along with the passcodes that activate them. Each of the Archangels has a passcode that activates their presence that you will not have to say, because they have already been built into this piece and the energies from your body when you wear it will activate these passwords and the archangels will come forward.

Each of these Archangels rules over what is called an Arch of Magic. There are 12 Arches of Magic, hence 12 Archangels. Each of the magics is an Arcane magic of the universe that was given to the Elders of the Atlantean Race during their creation. We cannot put the powers of the Arches into words, because there just aren't any words to describe them. They are something you have to experience, not something that can be told to you. When you wear the piece and the Archangels are awakened and they come to you, they will allow you to see and experience their 12 Arches of magic, which you will be able to manifest in the mortal form!