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MM 12-20-09

Inside the Kalahari Desert is believed to be what is known as the secret oasis. The Oasis was found many years ago by a soldier, and is said to hold millions of uncovered diamonds. This soldier found it but was shot through the heart with an arrow before he could tell of this secret Oasis to anyone.

The map to the Secret Oasis was still in his pocket could not be read at that time. Everyone wanted this map as it would mean great wealth to who ever found the lost Oasis and all the diamonds it was said to hold.

Someone eventually was able to read the map and located the lost Oasis again. They did not find diamonds this time but what the did find were MIND CRYSTALA, not mind crystals.

What MIND CRYSTALA do is open up the hidden mind bank only located in Africa. To open up the mind bank is to open up your soul and to free all ability

MIND CRYSTALA to me would be worth more than any diamonds imagine what could you do if all abilities were free and unlocked.

The pieces you are looking at holds ONE MIND CRYSTALA THIS IS STERLING SILVER AND ABOUT A SIZE 9 I just love this piece don?t miss this opportunity to unlock what is yours.