Mars After Death

Mars After Death

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Mars After Death <br /><br />


If you are like me, when you were young you would gaze up into the stars and wonder to yourself if there is something more than what you are being told. Perhaps, it's not always what your being told. A lot of times it is the knowledge of the people that are telling you. <br /><br />


There is new evidence that proves that Mars was an older version of Earth. In fact, Mars was once the home of an evolving biosphere that was very similar to Earth. It hosted esoteric beings that were in humanoid form, similar to ourselves. There was, however, a compound on mars that made these humanoids super-beings. <br /><br />


I know you're probably thinking to yourself that this sounds like a modern-day spaceman tale. Believe me, when I first read up on the theory I thought the same thing. However, as time progressed and I took more of an interest, I met up with one astrophysicist that was part of this society. It isn't really an underground society per se, but their findings are kept within the circles of extra-terrestrial aficionados<br /><br />.


When I got this piece, I have to say that I was a bit skeptical, because the man I got it from seemed like a modern-day Trekkie with a high degree. Little did I know that the piece he gave me was about to change my entire outlook on existence as I know it. I mean, I always knew that there was something out there-- the truth behind the creation of everything that exists. I knew there were answers. I would have never guessed that some of the answers came from a neighboring planet, which has been bereft of life for billions of years. <br /><br />


This piece will take you into a holographic time record of Mars. It will let you view the events of Mars, as if you were watching a movie on a screen. It will give you the ability to understand the way the Martians once thought; speak the way they speak; and feel the way they feel. You will actually be there in a fly-on-the-wall scenario, as you travel back thru the past to times even before existence was prominent on Earth. <br /><br />


You will be surprised to obtain the secrets of an ancient, ancient civilization that predates ours by years that are as numerous as the stars in the sky. They were an advanced civilization both spiritually and technologically. This piece will give you all of their secrets of the magic they practiced. This magic was the basis for all of their technology and comes from a special compound that comes from the molten lava that is found way beneath the crust of Mars' surface, which was actually the blood of their ancestors. It was believed that these ancient volcanoes served as a communication oracle. It erupted when the spirits of their ancients were angry with the goings-on of their race. <br /><br />


Their magic is a bit difficult to tame, simply because of the complexity involved. Martian magic is recycled, and when it is practiced the power from the magic is emanated into the atmosphere, making it stronger for next time. In this way, their race evolved rapidly. The more magic they practiced, the more they obtained, and the stronger their race became. That was until two opposing groups became jealous of one another and destroyed the whole planet in a massive nuclear uprising. <br /><br />


Some of the ancient race was transported to Earth, where existence was not nearly as easy. Some died off. A few remained. This is how the society from above obtained the ancient ash from the Martian volcanoes. It is this ash that has been used to make the piece that I am offering you. It will give you all the powers that I have listed above. <br /><br />


The offspring of the original Martians that have landed on Earth still exist. They do their best to blend in with Earthlings. Typically, they don't have a problem, because, generally speaking, the human mind isn't that intelligent. I mean, for our level stuff our minds suffice. This piece will open up an inter-spatial awakening that we are all born with, but normally don't use. This awakening will allow you to see the offspring Martians for what they really are. You will have already obtained their wisdom-- but hey... they can probably offer more. <br /><br />


This piece is available on a first-come-first-served basis and I can see it going fast. It is a very powerful item that holds powers from such a close intergalactic neighbor. It is jam packed with understanding and knowledge from a world afar!! <br /><br />