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Energy cannot be destroyed and we are energy. There is only transition. Physical humans are spiritually a spark of conscious electricity. We are LIGHT. We are something in a can; a container. We are not the container. The mortal shell will erode away in time and we will be left with the essence inside. Then, what?

For those of you who believe Death is merely a winking out of existence; no more sensations; no more thoughts and feelings…I have news for you:

WE ARE GOIN’ PLACES! There are good reasons for the repetition of History and ‘cycles of life’ seen in ruins of ancient cultures. We’ve acted as humans on Earth long ago; in the present and will again in the future. We’re coming back and will continue to come back here until we have learned what we need to learn and complete our missions~!

But, when that is said and done; after we have returned to Earth for the last time, what of a spiritual (virtual) existence beyond this planet? What’s next? That’s the tricky question.

Of course, the answer must be a relative answer. It must be different for everyone; no one set Heaven we will all be corralled into… Do you really think in the afterlife we’ll be sitting around a campfire singing ‘Kumbaya’?

Maybe it’s like what we saw at the end of the film ‘Betelgeuse.’ Everyone had a different afterlife-existence-reality and our Earthly lives determine what our final destination will become. We are also supposed to ‘manifest’ the next life by what we think in this life. Death is probably an individual thing. I’ve always said, ‘I’m in my own tennis match; only hope I win.’

Please, do not misunderstand...we should not fear life, we should merely worry about existence. The meaning is: precious life should concern us; it’s important and not be taken for granted. Let’s make the best out of a confusing world that is extremely difficult to traverse.

‘Souls need to rest,’ I’ve heard. We need to be at peace or ‘put to rest’ so we can move on. If what we think or feel in LIFE determines the parameters of the next plane of existence…we have to be very, very careful.

Some will say, ‘we’re in God’s hands.’ Well, we better be. Our spirit better be provided for and cared for by something greater than our attached theory concepts.

Many people need the creation of separation anxiety that is forecast between spirit and the Earth --- they need the intervals of knowledge from their past to present a fair exchange in the future. This item brings forth the past regressive powers of your past experiences and will help you reach your goals you need to expand your current life and ascend to Heaven. Make sure you are on the right path and doing what you need to do to fulfil your check list and advance into your afterlife without another start... as the world truly keeps getting harder to live in!

This is a powerful piece that will sanction the knowledge and pull the channels of what you learned long ago into your current mind -- very intriguing and evasive!!