The Widow Paris
The Widow Paris

The Widow Paris

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This is a handmade piece that is a token to the spirit of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau~!

Laveau is the most famous and powerful Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. She was respected and feared by all.

Voodoo in New Orleans was a blend of West African religion and Catholicism. Voodoo deities are called Loahs and they are closely paired with the Catholic Saints. All people in New Orleans were Catholic and slaves were baptized.

Marie was a devout Catholic and attended Mass daily. Marie began as a hairdresser and later became a nurse during the Yellow Fever epidemics. She was skilled in the practice of medicine and knew the healing qualities of indigenous herbs. Concerned about the soul too, she would sit with the condemned in their last moments sometimes serving them their last meal.

She was the first commercial Voodoo Queen and she specialized in romance and finance. She was an astute business woman. Marie was all-knowing and all-powerful. She could easily help you get a lover, keep a lover or get rid of a lover.

Marie married Jacques Paris at St. Louis Cathedral when she was 25. He disappeared 6 months later and from then on she became known as "The Widow Paris". A year later she became the common law wife of Christopher Glapion and had some 15 children by him. The youngest of these, also Marie, followed in her mother's footsteps and succeeded her.

It is believed that you can come to Marie's tomb and ask for something. She accepts money, cigars, white rum and candy as offerings. Appeals must be made 3 times with full concentration. In voodoo it is believed that when a Voodoo Queen dies her spirit re-enters the river of life and moves to the next realm, adjacent to this one. Her spirit will always be here, close at hand, in New Orleans. To this day, people still visit her tomb with the hope that she will grant their wishes.

** For those who cannot make it to her grave, have no worry because you now have the opportunity to get a handmade piece from a successor of Marie's that has maintained a connection with her spirit -- with this piece you will hold the utmost empowerment of Voodoo and be able to call upon Laveau and be guilded with her majestic powers! Her knowledge of magic and her herbal luminous enchantments will bestow unbelievable feats into your life~