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Rape and pillage. Houses torched, crops stolen, and hasty graves for bloody corpses. This was the legacy of Attila's Huns, sweeping across northern Italy and wreaking havoc and destruction on the remnants of the Roman Empire.

However, from all this tragic despair came forth an unintentional, more positive, legacy ~!

Refuges fled from burning cities, desperate to find safe refuge. Some literally took to the swamps, finding sanctuary in a desolate group of islands in a marshy lagoon off the northern Adriatic. When the Huns were followed by other invading tribes, more Roman citizens streamed to the swamps to avoid the carnage and destruction on the mainland.

Over the next few centuries they transformed the inhospitable surroundings into an architectural wonder: Venice!!

With more than 400 bridges and almost 200 canals, it became a center of trade and a seafaring power.

Built out of misfortune, Venice eventually turned into one of the richest and most beautiful cities in the world.

Harsh necessity can be the mother of glorious invention -- and we have the barbarians to thank for the birth of a legendary city.

Venice is an extremely enchanted city and holds magnificent power. As the generative forces of bringing together an industrial city --- the elements were enriched through majestic castings.

This piece was developed using an old spell book from the ancient times that helped create the fury that reminates as the grand city of Venice today! Divulged with impeccable energies from secret empowerment spells you will be gifted variant magic that you can utilize to embrace and do with what you see fit!

Testers showcased remnants of: techopathy, telepathy, psychic infusement, kinetic flare, scrying abilities, conjuring mastery skills and more... this is a mix of incredible powers -- do not miss this one!