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In the fading days of the Roman Empire, a 16 year old boy was abducted into slavery by savages outside the border of the civilized world. They took him to a remote land beyond the sea, where he labored under the harshest conditions.

The boy had never been very religious, but in desperation he began to pray to God every day that he might survive the horrible ordeal. After more than five years in bondage, he was able to escape!

He walked 200 miles to a seaport, where he found passage on a ship that carried him away. Eventually he returned home to joyous parents who begged him to never leave again.

But night after night he was tormented by dreams and visions. Voices beckoned to him --- they told him that he must return to the land of his kidnappers and bring the word of Christ into the savage land.... and that is exactly what he did~

The boy lived in what is now England. His kidnappers were Celtic tribesman from across the water -- today, Ireland. And that is how a young Briton named Patricius grew into an old Irishman named Patrick, Saint Patrick.

The patron saint of Ireland; and Englishman by birth.

** The slave business flourished in Ireland for centuries before Patrick's arrival on the scene. Celtic raiding parties would kidnap hundreds of people at a time. Boys were brought back to be sheepherders and girls were enslaved for sexual use. One of Patrick's accomplishments was to largely put an end to this slave trade!!

~ Channeling his energies and pulling forth his spirit, a shrew was able to conjure this piece with the invoked power to instill you with his fluent strength to go from slavery to sainthood! We all have an inner desire of what we want to do, and feel we should be doing, but normally finances prevent us from following those callings --- but with this item you will be given clarification to what you are supposed to be doing and the pathway will be blessed to allow you to fulfill that calling~!!

This is a Glorified item of Holy Divination --- very empowering piece!