Emotional Controller

Emotional Controller

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Emotional Controller

When you let what someone says about you upset you, you are allowing them to control you!

This happens all the time; we all have experienced this -- and often let what others say, think,and do affect our daily feelings.

Stop allowing others to impact your day.... too much strain and worry due to others ignorance is bad for your health.

With this item you will be surged with a formatic energy boost that will bring you peace and solace within yourself. You will not have constant thoughts about what your choices will mean to others... this will not make you a heartless person, it simply will allow your third eye to awaken and see the truth behind the stares and opinions of others.

Most times when people say negative things about others it is due to jealousy, or lack of confidence within themselves.

We are born with receptors which transmit emotions an pull in the energies around us --- this is what makes us concerned with what others sense and think of us.

Now you can trun off the receptors and start paying attention to what really matters, your own life!

We all make mistakes... make a wrong choice from time to time, but we do not need to be reminded by others -- it is like when you gain weight and people point it out to you -- you are well aware of that extra weight that has cozied up in your stomach, and do not need others to point it out to you... like it is some kind of big surprise!!

Time to take control of yourself --and allow this empowered piece to embark a new found glory within your soul~