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When I was five years old I kept having a recurring dream about being taken from my bedroom at night (this part is hazy) and ending up in an area by my house that had new housing construction.

Within the partial framework of the houses there were benches made from scraps of wood arranged in a circle. I was sitting with other children of different ages but mostly very young.

During this time their was an "instructor", when telling my parents I referred to him has a monster, since he didn't look like anyone/thing I had ever seen. I can just remember him telling us stories (I wish I could remember them).

After these sessions I would end up safely back in  my room. According to my Mom, I had these "dreams" several times over a period of a year. I am now 50 years old and am still haunted by these dreams. Now I am not sure that they were dreams, but something that I cannot explain.

Please let me know if you can help me? Sincerely, Michael.

**We reached out to this customer and  after getting more information decided to set up a meeting with him. Deedee felt that a hypnosis session would be able to allow all sediments from his memories to come forward.

She performed a hypnotic pulling and the teachings began to come out -- knowledge of enchantment and rare impartments of power were being channeled though Michael. We soon discovered that the "classes" that he was awaking into were being taught by a master Sorcerer.

This Sorcerer had no kin and no one to pass on his wisdom and power too, so his pulling of these children was his way to pass on his knowledge and magic.

Michael always tried to rationalize the lessons, which is why they never stuck in the frontal lobe of his brain ... he let others influence his thoughts and what he had "dreamt" ... thus burying what he had learned and knew to be true.

This hypnosis session allowed the knowledge that was stored deep within him to come forward. Deedee was able to kinetically connect with the Sorcerer, whose name is Eenan.

Eenan spiritually radiates people in spirit, but has left his physical body. Deedee struck a deal to impart him into a token piece, thus granting him protection from the toxins in the spiritual realm and allowing him to be of assistance to someone in need who calls upon him~!

There is only one of these, and you will be equipped with rare knowledge that people study for years to try to learn and unlock, this is your key to the world of Sorcery and generative powers of majestic wisdom!