Social Socrates:  Don't Be Mind Controlled
Social Socrates:  Don't Be Mind Controlled
Social Socrates:  Don't Be Mind Controlled

Social Socrates: Don't Be Mind Controlled

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Social Socrates:  Don't Be Mind Controlled

Oh, that girl's too fat!!  That guy has too many piercings and tattoos!!  Eww, are those two men holding hands?  Her hair should not be that color, it's not normal!!  Well, then again who are we to define normal; and if you're asking yourself what this is all about, allow me to explain.  Over the course of history we have all been taught to fit in.  If we don't fit in, then we will surely stand out.  You don't want to stand out because then people are going to think that you're weird.  Weird people don't succeed. They fall by the wayside.  So, just be like the rest of the crow, okay? 

It is a sad day when we have lost our individuality, and while their certainly are those that like to express themselves in ways that most other people don't, even sub-cultures have become cliquey and if you don't act a certain way you are booted out-- for doing the very same thing they all aspired to do-- to be different, to go against the grain. 

In his ancient teaching, Socrates tells us that in order to keep a strong mind it is important to always go against the grain.  Never settle just because other people tell you that you have to or because it's the "normal" thing to do?  There are so many people now-a-days that lack self confidence and don't stand up for what they believe in or what they truly feel.  They will never get to be what they want to be-- like that girl who works at the CD shop who had purple hair or that gay kid who wants dress up like a lady.  I mean, to each his own. 

The problem with not standing up and standing out is that by this means the people who control society are able to set their own norms.  Peer pressure can tend to be a powerful thing if your mind is not pure and soul is not set free.  Sooner or later you will find yourself wanting to go with the grain rather than being yourself and then the people who call the shots will eventually begin to tell you how to feel, what to wear, How to think, what to believe in, who to believe it, why you believe, etc.  Then, you will turn into another working drone of the New World Order, giving them all your effort for minimal return; and we don't want that, do we? 

No, of course not, which is why there is this piece.  This piece comes from the Mystery School of Socrates and contains all his ancient knowledge about self.  It will help you be free of obstacles in your mind, giving you sound mind and body and a pure soul.  You will be able to reach deep within yourself to understand who you really are and how this is best expressed.  You will gain the power of divine self-confidence that will allow you to awaken the inner core of soul to be who you truly want to be!  It will keep you out of the clutches of New World Order and Illuminati mind control because it reinforces the part of the brain that shields any attempt to take over the mind, and will leave you always wanting your personal independence and will give you the confidence to be an individual and not a crowd pleaser!

**This item symbolizes you holding the coveted inner core of your soul... the expression "holding your hear in your hands" was imparted into the implications of the soul with this piece.