Moving Forward-- Mayan Thought Crystals
Moving Forward-- Mayan Thought Crystals

Moving Forward-- Mayan Thought Crystals

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Moving Forward-- Mayan Thought Crystals

With the things that I've seen in my life time, this piece isn't that hard to believe anymore. However, to the average eye, this will seem incredible-- unlike anything it has ever seen before.  It is legitimately a discovered technology in a cave in Mexico that is giving Superman and his crystals from Krypton a run for his money. 

Since 2010, a team of international scientists have been visiting a cave in Mexico.  Okay, so what's so great about this cave, you make ask.  Well to begin with it holds temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit and is over 80 percent humidity and is one of the deadliest environment on Earth.  Never mind that, though.  The real attraction in this cave is its giant crystals... the biggest ones on Earth. 

The mission of the exploration team was to unearth the secret of the giant crystals.  Why do they give off such immense energy?  Are the natural crystals?  Do they hold powers?  According the research and discovery documents there hasn't been much headway made.  However, that isn't saying that what's written on paper is always the truth; but that's okay, because you know that we have connections everywhere.  In fact, there isn't much going on that we don't know about.  It's part of the perks of doing what we do.  We got this piece in a few months ago-- actually it might have been like a year by now.  Either way we've had this piece in our possession for a while.

This item contains a piece of the crystal from the cave in Mexico that houses these ancient, giant crystals.  We have been working with this piece and have finally cracked the code to what it holds.  Turns out that these giant crystals are the thought forms of Mayan priests that have been stored up in this cave for centuries.  They tell the truth behind the Mayan long and short count calendar-- that the world was never intended to end at all rather shift into a new age-- The Age of Aquarius. 

I know that we have sold a lot of items that are going to help people come through the time shift-- a period of time where people will either be enlightened or left behind.  It has already begun to happen.   This piece is even more powerful than those pieces though, because it contains the actual thought form and the actual knowledge of those events that will come to pass.  It doesn't contain only the energy that is needed for enlightenment-- it contains the reasons behind the enlightenment and the knowledge that you will need to stay a step ahead of the game at all times. 

This item will open up all the thought forms that belonged to all the past Mayan High Priests.  These are the magical clerics that held all the powers and energies of the Mayan people.  They are the seers that have foretold the coming of the future and the ones that are psychically linked to their ancestors in Atlantis, who hold the true knowledge of the New Age!

The item will open up a holographic chamber in your mind that will allow you to see these thought forms to know all that has ever entered the mind of a high priest through all points in history and all time periods.  Thus, you will become and expert in all truth and you knowledge and magic will know no boundaries or ends.  

**The Mayan Crystals were placed into these earrings, they are clip-ons, but can also be used as a pin, if placed on a safety pin, or used as a pendant if clipped on to a chain.