Peruvian  Mystery Skulls
Peruvian  Mystery Skulls
Peruvian  Mystery Skulls

Peruvian Mystery Skulls

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Peruvian  Mystery Skulls    

This piece comes from an investigation that's ongoing in a place called Andahuaylillas in the Southern Province of Quispicanchi, Peru.  You can look it up online if you want, but, of course they aren't ever going to give you all o the information available.  They will tell you what's going on scientifically and then they will forget like the rest ever happened, because that's what the science community likes to do.  If they can't explain something, it must not be happening.  However, there are at least four anthropologists coming forward to at least admit that the phenomenon that has been uncovered in Southern Peru is not of normal human origins.  Read on. 

Two full sets of remains have been discovered in Peru.  The consist of mummified, elongated skulls and some say that these could quite possibly proved the existence of aliens.  It definitely proves the existence of a much further advance, enlightened race of people that existed in South America a long time ago.  The Skulls, which remain a puzzle to scientists, are nearly the size of the tiny bodies they belong to.  They contain the fontanel of a human infant but the molars of a full grown adult.  The people investigating say that they aren't quite sure what is going on, however at least four scientists have agreed that this skull definitely is not of human origin. 

The answer lies in this item here.  Don't ask me how we got this piece, because I'm not a liberty to tell you.  Just know that we had some pull in this investigation and we got this piece to test it out, because of its nature and the nature of our work.  This piece contains the DNA of a human super race hybrid. The DNA has been acquired in the remains of a eyeball that was intact in one of the skulls.  What happened was a prehistoric "super race" existed a very long time ago in ancient Peru.  When they began interbreeding with humans, their race couldn't survive because their advancement was to much for the human body to withstand-- thus the head that is nearly as large as the developing body and other adult features on the child remains. 

The DNA has been extracted from the eyeball and placed into this piece, which has gone on to use the DNA to summon the powers of the super race that existed in Peru in ancient times.  It contains a hidden source of knowledge which is responsible for such phenomenon as the Nazca Lines, solar alignment chambers that have been found in certain South American ruins, and Star Shrines all through the South American continent.

Were these beings of alien origin?  This piece will help you answer the question more fully.  They may have been a form of ancient alien spawn.  Personally, I don't think they were aliens as much as they were an ancient super race that has rescinded to underground existence and will probably resurface soon with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  This piece is up for your own interpretation, that's part of beauty of this one.  However, I will guarantee that this piece will provide an enlightenment and free flowing source of understanding that will spark a transformation of powers and energies for whomever is using it!!  Testing this piece was a truly amazing experience as it contains hidden knowledge from our world and beyond!  You don't want to miss out on your chance at this piece!