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Ring of 13 Goddesses and 11 ultimate powers

This piece is one of our originals that we have made with Grizzelle who, if you aren't aware by now, is a powerful Gypsy witch with whom we sometimes develop piece with.  This particular piece holds a ring of thirteen Goddesses whom we summoned for you.  You can use this piece as a direct communication relic.  It will allow you to pull the powers of the nine goddesses that it entails, so that way you can use them in your daily life.  Each goddess holds a unique power and can be used for whatever purposes her powers serve.  This piece is very powerful and after we were done making it we actually let one of our local customers test this piece so that way the results would be biased.  According to him, the pieces in this power are abounding and ready to be used!!  

Here are the 13 goddesses you will receive:

Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of love who will help you seek out and find a true love and life partner

Aradia:  Italian goddess who is the queen and teacher of the witches.  She knows ALL things pertaining to the craft-- spells, divination, chants, rituals, etc-- and will share them all with you in a white light enlightenment

Arianrhod:  Welsh goddess of reincarnation.  She will help you reunite all of your past lives, so that way you can know who you really are, making your existence come full circle so you can really understand all of your powers and abilities.  She will glue together all of the fractured pieces of your soul.  

Artemis: Greek/Roman goddess of the Moon. She will give you all the powers that the moon holds over the Earth.  This will give you the power to influence the minds of other and they way they think.  This will give you the ability to make others see things from your perspective so that way you can secure your position in such areas as promotions, getting a loan, buying a house/car, etc.  

Demeter: Greek goddess of fruitfulness of the Earth.  She will seek out and bring to you her "fruitfulness" or divine wealth.  These powers will bring you extreme wealth in all aspects of your life including financial, spiritual, and universal.  

Flora:  Goddess of the springtime and of new beginnings.  If you are down or you feel like you would like to start again, this is the goddess to invoke.  She is the goddess of springtime and will give anyone a second chance and new beginning.  

Fortuna:  Roman goddess of fate.  You can call upon her to manipulate your destiny.  If there is something that you are not liking about the way your life is going, this is the goddess that you will need to invoke.  She holds full powers of fate and will help you out with the problems you are experiencing.  

Hathor:  Egyptian goddess of the sky and the protector of women.  She is the goddess that sees all injustice done to women and intervenes when something is about to go wrong for them.  This may seem like a power for only a woman, however, men you will be happy to know that you can instill this power into a woman's life simply by invoking Hathor and asking her to protect your loved ones such as a wife, mother, or daughter!  

Hecate:  She is the Greek Goddess of magick.  I'm talking about all magick.  She will give you the powers and knowledge of all magicks there are to know including dual magick, white magick, alchemy, and more!!  

Hera:  Greek goddess of marriage who can be used to consecrate a marriage and your new life together.  She will give you the blessings of a long, happy, and bountiful life and marriage.  

Ma'at:  Egyptian Goddess of justice, truth, and the law.  You can invoke her when needing justice or for use in court cases, etc.  

Nephthys:  Goddess of midwives, who when invoked, will promote a safe and happy pregnancy. 

Vesta:  Goddess of ritualistic fire.  She will guide you and help you in your magick rituals to keep you safe from those dark entities that may be lurking.  She will also help your summonings and seances by strengthening them and making them successful!   

This ring is sterling silver and holds the 13 goddesses and 11 ultimate powers which you hand pick and specify.  This will take an additional week to ship since your picking what you want.