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Language of the Muses 

This item was made by a witch who calls herself Gaia.  She is a very powerful witch, which is probably why she ave herself that name.  In fact, I think she is one of the most powerful witches I've encountered and is in complete control of the elements and spirits that exist around her.  However, I didn't realize exactly how powerful she really was until she provided me with this item.  She told me when she gave it to me that it took her years to be able to finally breakthrough and summon the presence of those who are in this piece.  We have tested this piece and I can tell you first-handedly that this item is extremely powerful in what it will do for you.  

This piece holds a triad of goddesses, who are the original Three Muses.  The Muses have long been associated with poetry, literature, and all other artworks.  They are the goddesses that inspire creativity and allow the mind the wander to parts of reality that they have never walked before.  They are the source of knowledge related or oral and visual communication in the form of poetic lyrics, vividly detailed artwork, and illustrious myths.  

Sometimes it is misunderstood as to how many of these Muses there actually are.  Some say three.  Others say nine.  I say both.  There are three mother mother muses, each of whom bore two offspring.  Each of these offspring contain a faction of the original Muse who birth it, meaning that the original three forms of divine knowledge have remained the same but has been spread over 9 entities, the mothers reserve all knowledge, the offspring are their disciples.  The Muses themselves were born as the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne who were, respectively, the God the Gods and the goddess of Memory.

Here's the reality with the Muses.  They are third generation goddesses in control of all other gods and goddesses.  They are the goddesses that hold all providential wisdom and knowledge.  They inspire humans in all areas of all art forms.  They psychically influence humans to write, draw, paint, record, sing, dance, etc. in a way that speaks the language of the gods.  It is a cryptic form of communication that expresses secrets of divine wisdom and intelligence.  They are the goddesses that inspire beautiful works of art, but do so in a way that speak in cryptic code to communicate to the gods and also to those individuals who have been enlightened directly by the Muses.

Their works of art tie together a cryptic code that tells of a secret source of infinite knowledge and power that comes from the highest Heaven (they call it Mount Olympus).  It was sent to them by their father Zeus for safekeeping and holding.  It was stored by them into the artwork that they inspire, because art is their passion.  The secret knowledge they possess also includes their mother's power, who is the goddess of memory.  This means that she is basically the goddess of time, keeping memories of all things that have ever happened, anywhere, to anybody.  She holds all these memories in thought forms in a higher realm and the secrets of this realm have been given to her daughters, which are also kept in the cryptic code in the artwork which they psychically influence through human hands.  

Basically, what this piece does for you is invokes the spirit of the original Three Muses.  Once you have bonded with your piece and the Muses, you will begin to notice a difference in the artwork you see and the music that you hear.  You will begin to notice that all artwork has a double entendre-- a spiritual meaning that will lead you to the infinite wisdom of the Muses who hold all knowledge, magic, powers, ability, and who control the hands of time through the goddess of memories.  This piece is the anointing of the Muses powers upon your own head to be able to understand their cryptic entries into the world through hands of random artists, that way you can piece together the puzzle of their infinite knowledge and timeless wisdom.