Underground Spirit Chambers

Underground Spirit Chambers

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Underground Spirit Chambers<br /><br />

There have been a series of underground tunnels built across Europe in countries such as Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.  These tunnels have also been found in island nations, the U.K. and Ireland.  While nobody seems to hold concrete evidences as to what these tunnels were used for, archaeologists agree that this is the last huge finding that Europe will have to offer.  These tunnels, which range in size from a very narrow 20 centimeters, to large enough to accommodate more than one individual, remain a mystery to the archaeological world and the academic society.  However, to Haunted Curiosities, the true findings in these caves are just another invaluable treasure that we have to offer to our customers.  To capitalize... and I mean capitalize big time... read on.  <br /><br />

The tunnels, which were built under houses and other structures enter the house in a manner that is usually concealed (for example a trap door in the kitchen) and seemingly lead to nowhere.  Some of the underground caverns meet up with other tunnels or caverns, but there is no real destination; at least not in the minds of the archaeologists.  This is because they don't have the supernatural abilities that we here at HC were blessed with.  Theories about these place have been put in place by yuppies who claim to know the truth; but they don't.  For instance, some claim that the shelters were used for food storage, but no remnants of food exist.  Others claim that the tunnels were used for the elimination of waste and excrement.  There have been other theories that suggest these caverns were used as hiding places during times of war, or hibernating places in the winter time.  None of these have been substantiated.  Our claim can be substantiated, but only via the powers that are in this exclusive item. <br /><br />

We had a unique chance to visit one of these caverns in Scotland a while back.  The owner of one such home that incorporated one these caverns just happens to be a regular customer.  She invited us to investigate the place and these are the results.  When we showed up to the house, we were led to a room adjacent to the kitchen.  The woman felt around on the wall until she hit a switched and the entire wall turn 90 degrees revealing a small passageway.  It was narrow at first, barely large enough for us to "scoot" our way through.  As we inched deeper and deeper into the cavern, though the opening got larger and larger.  Eventually, we made our way down into a chamber, where we could all fit comfortably.  <br /><br />

The chamber was pentagonal and in each corner was a ringlet that looked as though it used to hold a candle.  We stood there for a while, investigating the room.  Now, they say magical things can happen when there are energized people in close confines.  We have played off each others powers before, when conjuring spirits and holding seances.  However, what happened in that room, I think there was a grand awakening in all of us that day.  What happened next was more of a chance than anything because we really hadn't a clue on how to decode the magic that was in the room.  I was joking around with Jason and tapped him on the arm.  When I did, it produced a rather large buzzing sound.  I found it intriguing, so I did it again.  He, in turn, touch Deedee which let off another buzzing sound different form the one that was just produced.  Then I touched him while he touched Deedee and the sound was synchronized and harmonic.  I know it seems awkward, but our entire staff began making contact with one another.  The harmonic  sounds were made by combing our magic auras.  <br /><br />

Once we were all combined, small sparkling light began to appear in the center of each ringlet.  It beamed to the center of the room, where a holographic altar was place and the room was exposed for what it really was... a spirit chamber.  I have never witnessed anything like it.  Right there in front of me, the chamber began to fade away and open into an entirely different realm.  Once in this realm, the spirits that existed here were revealed to me and there were too many to count.  <br /><br />

As it turns out, these caverns are chambers for spirits and souls to go to wait for the Second Coming of Christ and the Apocalypse.  They will be collected when Seventh Angel sound the Seventh Horn.  Until then, they are content in this chamber, which is their demi-Heaven... Kind of like a Heavenly Limbo.  I was able to pull one of the spirits to serve its waiting period in the item that is here.  This spirit will bond with you, giving you the enlightenment that we received that day in the Spirit Chamber.  You will gain the knowledge of all the Heavenly secrets that are recorded in the Bible, but incomprehensible to the human mind.  It will give you the hidden messages in the Psalms written by King Solomon.  It will also include all of the secrets of the Book of Revelations including the number 666, the False Prophet, the One World Religion, the Beast, the Harlot, the Seven Scrolls, the One World Government, so on and so forth.  Jesus always spoke in parables so that way only the righteous would understand.  Right now, it might all seem confusing.  That's because you don't understand.  This piece will help you achieve enlightenment.  It will give you the same powers that we obtained that day-- and more.  It's a very powerful, all original piece; now it can be yours!!  <br /><br />