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I recently traveled to illinois to visit some old school friends I had not seen in quite some time. Once I had arrived, I was extremely happy to see my old friends again, and we shared stories of the past and all the trouble we used to get in when we were younger.<br /><br />

We talked of some of the different places we'd go to hang out back in the days, and an old graveyard we used to frequently hang around came into conversation. As we began to speak about this, the Bachelor's Grove Cemetery came into conversation. Apparently, my friend lived not far at all away from this old resting place. He told us of its infamy and how there had been several ghost sightings there. It was also the location of one of the more famous ghost photographs. The photograph itself was taken a very long time ago, and the photographer  managed to capture the spirit of a lonely girl sitting on one of the graves. She is seen so clearly in the picture its quite unbelievable. We all decided then and there that we should visit this famous grave yard for old times sake before I left for home. <br /><br />

The following day we all met up and departed for the Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. After about 20 minutes of driving we had arrived, and once we had, we all seemed to agree on the eerie feeling we all were feeling. I was the first to get out of the car, seeing as in my line of work I come across places like this many times before, and I wasn't feeling as scared as the others may have been. I took a few steps towards the entrance of the cemetery, and it seemed with every step the eerie feeling was getting stronger. I looked back at the car to see if my friends were planning on joining me anytime soon, and judging by looks on their faces I was venturing forward alone. "Fair enough," I thought,"more ghosts for me!". Walking now in the cemetery, looking around was indeed kind of scary. It was a humid day, and there was a mist hanging over the tombstones like a cloud of dust, but this mist was strange, it seemed to hover and wisp around on it's own winds, practically stirring around the cemetery with its own free will. <br /><br />

I had been walking now for a good 10 minutes, partially expecting my friends to finally leave the safety of the car and come looking for me. I didn't mind much though, for I had reached the destination I had been looking for. I had come across the tombstone that the famous picture my friend had been telling me about was taken. <br /><br />

As I walked closer, out of nowhere, there she was, the spirit in the picture. I was sure it was her because in the photo she can clearly be seen, so I guess one could say I recognized her. I was scared, but not enough to deter my curiosity in her, so I attempted to speak with her. I asked her what her name was, with no answer. I asked her why she was here, and still no answer. Finally, I asked if there was anything she needed of me, and with this question, she turned to me and reached out, and pointed towards a tombstone. I looked at the tombstone, and noticed a shine among the dirt and rock.<br /><br />

I went over to the shine, and discovered a beautiful ring. I placed it on my finger, and then turned back to the ghost girl. I asked her if there was anything else I could do for her, and amazingly enough, she responded with," I just want someone to talk to." She then explained to me the power the ring held, giving anyone the power to easily communicate with those in the spirit realm. She had been waiting for someone to talk to for so long, she had just been so lonely in both life and death. We sat there for another 15 minutes, talking of her past life and her experiences in the spirit realm. Then I told her I had to get going back to my friends before they left me there, and she thanked me for spending time with her. As she waved goodbye and faded away, I realized what the power of the ring was capable of, because I could hear the voices of all the spirits close by, reaching out to me. <br /><br />

This ring allows its wearer to easily communicate with the dead, allowing one to skip some of the basic rituals and encantations those trying to contact the dead usually go through. Through further investigation of the ring, we also found that it allows travel to some of the other realms through prolonged wearing and intense concentration. Wish you could talk to the other side? Here is the portal to your desires!<br /><br />