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We have a variety of pieces and trinkets that have been brought to us, found on investigations or retrieved in other realms that have been put on the back burner in our testing department. <br /><br />

There are constantly new items coming in and being retrieved and we cannot seem to find the time to process testing on all of these items. <br /><br />

They have gone through the first step, which clarifies that they are empowered and whether they are of white or dark magic! Other than that... the actual ability has not been tuned in on... so for the optimist in you, you can purchase a piece and work with it yourself and see what occurs!!<br /><br />

Many people have asked if they could be a part of our testing group, and even though you will have to do this on your own... it will kind of give some insight into learning from a raw empowered item!<br /><br />

I will simply state if the item is of white or dark energy and then you will have to work with it and find out what abilities are cast within it.... due to our normal process not being complete, you are going to get extremely low prices --- so take a chance and unlock the potential of these pieces~!<br /><br />