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For those of you who are like me, you have an active imagination.  It is common for those with an overactive imagination to lie awake at night an wonder about the powers that could be possible if you could only find a means by which to create them.  With this piece you can rest assured that it leaves nothing to the imagination and puts all that you could possibly imagine at your finger tips.  It is a relic that contains the presence of a very ancient alchemist that can use the energies of just about anything to create whatever it is you want. I know this seems very open-ended, but that's because it really is.  Allow me to explain.  
This piece enables the person who uses it to gain mastery over the arcana.  The singular variant of arcana isarcanum.  If you are into the occult at all, you know that this term is used to refer to any type of power or ability that is hidden.  It represents the hidden knowledge that whomever is practicing is in search of.  Specifically, this word is used to refer to the mystery, all-encompassing great secret which lies behind alchemy.  Most people hold a misconception that alchemy was only sought after for the purpose of changing otherwise worthless metal into gold.  While this is true, there is so much more that alchemy offers.  Overall, alchemy is the ability to change anything that is something into something it is not by manipulating the energies of said item into whatever you want it to become.  For instance soul alchemy was used for shape-shifting.  The alchemy of energetic properties of common items was used to create different powers and abilities, or different types of magic.  
Nobody knew these powers better than the court alchemist of the ancient Cretan ruler Knossos.  The court alchemist wasn't at all a human, but was actually an ancient entity that was summoned by Knossos in order to gain his powers.  Using these powers is how the peoples of a tiny island became a force to be reckoned with in ancient times.  Unfortunately the island was volcanic and wiped out much of the history of Crete.  What little bit we do know, is still pretty much shrouded in mystery and uncertainty.  For instance, Linear B was recovered from the Palace of Knossos, but there is so much more to be known, like the fact that the magic of these ancient peoples rival those found other ancient civilization such as the Egyptians and the Mayans.  
We sent a team of investigators to Crete in order to see what they could dig up.  They came back with a small tablet on which were inscribed three small characters-- nothing more nothing less.  Through meditation I was given a vision that explained to me that the three figures on the tablet represent the nature of the court alchemist of Knossos.  Remember, this is the entity that was conjured and set into a mortal body by the ancient king to deliver all the magic he ever wanted.  These three cycles are birth, death, and rebirth.  This means that the court alchemist never really dies.  He is an immortal spiritual entity.  Much like a phoenix, he is birthed into mortal form, lives in the mortal body that he coexists with until that body dies.  He then is returned into the spiritual realms, until he comes across another host.  The catch is that the host has to be a willing host.  In today's society, people become increasingly leery to admit things that they can't explain exist.  This is why he has been in his spiritual state for over a thousand years.  He is hungry for a mortal host, a body that he can co-habitate with to manifest his magic on earth.  
After my vision, I knew that we had to figure out a way to manifest this entity.  We held a transference ritual, by which we transferred the conjuring ability of the tablet into this piece.  This piece is an automatic connection to the ancient entity, who we refer to as the Arcana Liberum, because he reveals all things that are hidden.  He has the ability to manifest all things-- powers, abilities, creatures, spells, magic, whatever.  There is no ritual required with this piece.  When you put it on, it is activate by the beating of your heart.  It enlivens the piece.  You must understand that when you wear this piece you are agreeing to a contract that allows the Arcana Liberum to share your body with you.  You will always have full control over the Arcana Liberum and your body.  Essentially what this does is allows you to manifest anything that you can imagine.  This is the whole point of me even mention those with an active imagination, because it is for those people who this piece is best.  
How this works is, once you have worn the piece and the Arcana Liberum is set free, all you have to do is imagine something and it will come to fruition.  This can be a power, an ability, a form of magic, a creature or entity, a soul, an action, a place, a realm, whatever really.  You imagine it in your mind and it comes to life because the Arcana Liberumholds the hidden knowledge to make it so.  There really isn't much more to say about this entity.  It is all encompassing and it is all delivering.  It can make your deepest inner thoughts a reality.