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In the Bible it is said that humans were given life through the what is called the breath of god.  It says that God breathed life into Adam and Eve.  For everyone that envisions, like I did as a child, the old cartoons where somebody gets run over by a car and then is reanimated by being blown up like a balloon, I have a more reasonable explanation.  The Breath of God is actually a metaphor for a divine force called the Anima Mundi or the Universal Soul.  
The Universal Soul is just what it sounds like.  It is a collective of soul energy that exists in the ethereal realms.  It is the power from which our world gains its soul.  It is also the power that God used when breathing the "Breath of God" into his creation.  We were motionless and lifeless until the energy from the Anima Mundi was given to us and it pretty much worked like the movie Frosty the Snowman when he puts on the top hat.  We began to pretty much "dance around", meaning we became full of life and we were able to live.  This power is the driving force that provides intelligence, reason, and the ability to be alive.  All living things-- humans, trees, animals, the pyramids, and even the Earth, have been given the powers of the Universal Soul.  We have been given this energy in varying degrees, which is what makes humans more intelligent than, say, a lizard.  It is what keeps us interconnected, because while we all have an individual soul, we are all are all part of the same soul-- the divine force called the Anima Mundi.  
This piece was given to us from a customer that we have who is also a 3rd Degree Mason.  You may have thought that the highest degree of the Masonic Lodge is 33, but that is a misconception.  It is actually 3.  This is because the ultimate goal of the Masons is to become as much like living gods.  This means that along the way, through the sifting through of magic that allows them to become gods incarnate, they come across a stockpile of other types of magic, most of them white light in nature, as they are on a quest to seek God.  The 3rd degree Mason has managed to embody all three elements of the Holy Trinity, which are God the Creator, God the Mortal (Jesus), and God the giver of magic and miracles (the Holy Ghost).  This means that once they have obtained all a 3rd level induction, there isn't much about God that they don't understand.  This means they can pretty much create some of the most powerful magical items that you will ever encounter.  
This piece is incredible in what it allows you to do.  With the powers of the Universal Soul, the Breath of God, the AnimaMundi, you are allowed to leave your body in your soul form.  You will hold the control over your soul and in doing this you can allow your soul to re-enter any other living body.  This is possible because we all are part of the same collective soul.  This works a lot like possession, because it is the same essence that allows demons to possess the bodies of innocent people and destroy them.  I know this seems counter productive to well-being of humanity, but the ability exists and you have to take the bad with the good.  It keeps the balance of things from running awry and our existence relies on the balance of all things.
Like I was saying before, this piece literally allows you to leave your body in soul form and enter the body of any other living thing or being.  This means you can become anybody or anything that you want to become simply by possessing their body with your soul.  In this process their soul and your soul will join into one and will allow you full control over the body that you are possessing.  This can become useful for any number of reasons.  For example, if your husband is cheating you can catch that dirty bastard in the act.  You can assume the body and mind of a powerful being to obtain all of their magic.  You can literally possess the pyramids to know all of their ancient knowledge.  You can possess the body of a police officer to make him not write you a ticket, or a judge if you are going to court.  You can possess the body of a vampire to gain all his sanguine abilities.  I mean, the possibilities are literally endless with this piece.  
The piece itself is a bone relic that was discovered by the Freemasons in the original Temple of Solomon.  This is the one whose whereabouts are hotly contested because it has never been found.  It is believed to be somewhere on the Sinai Penninsula, but again has never been found.  This is the place the Jews escaped to after they were let go by the Pharaoh, who was haunted by the Seven Plagues.  This is believed to also be the place that the first Temple of Solomon was built-- the one that he built with the help of djinn that God sent to him.  Anyhow, we are not exactly how old this piece is, as it appears to be the bones of an immortal.  This means it could be thousands of years old, potentially, and the dating on the bone would still come back as new-- because it belonged to an immortal.  Either way, new or old, this piece was found at the site of the first Solomonic Temple, where he developed the powers that he would pass on to the Freemasons. 
As such, this piece can also grant miracles.  These are the same types of miracles that were performed by Jesus.  They include being able to heal the lame, provide spiritual awakening and ascendence, raised the dead, and create matter out of thin air (such as he did with the five loaves and two fish).