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     There is a legend in Woolpit, a village in Suffolk, England- of two very small, curious visitors.  One day while the farmers and villagers were going about their daily tasks, they happened upon two small children that had been apparently abandoned.  They were covering their faces with their hands, facing the ground, and huddled together in a wolfpit clutching one another very tightly and visibly frightened.  They were both dressed in foreign, unfamiliar clothing; but not that they were from another city or country- the style and material of their clothes was unlike any other that the peasants had seen- almost alien in origin.  When the villagers attempted to communicate with them- the children spoke in muffled tones through their hands in a language that no one present could understand.  When they attempted to extract the children from the pit that they were lying in they discovered that both of the children had green skin- and not from dirt or grass on their faces, their skin was green and even had a slight glow to it.  Once the children felt that the villagers posed no immediate threat- they allowed themselves to be taken into town.  When they got to the nearest farmer's barn they hid inside a barn and refused to come out.  
     The villagers left water, food, and clothes on the ground near the children- but they refused to come out.  They did locate a bag of raw beans within the barn and devoured every last one of them.  Over the next few days, the children became a little more comfortable with their surroundings and their hosts.  The villagers still attempted to communicate with them through a series of pantomime, pictures, sounds, and holding up items and repeating the names over and over.  The little boy fell ill, from some unknown cause, and died within a few days.  The girl, however, didn't succumb to the same illness that afflicted her brother and continued to live in the village.  Over the course of many years, the little girl learned to speak and write in English and eventually lost the green tinge to her skin.  Now that they were able to communiate with one another- they learned that the girl was from some place called the Land of Twilight or Saint Martin, but was unable to describe where it was or find it on any known map of the time.  She said that where she came from that they had no sun, but everything was bathed in a pale, green illumination.  They also learned that while she and her brother were out tending the livestock- they heard a loud boom, saw a bright flash, and felt the wind from some type of shockwave.  When they opened their eyes, they found themselves here and they sought shelter in the wolfpit to avoid the sun.  The sunlight didn't harm them or burn them- they had just never seen one before and they were afraid of it.  She couldn't remember anything else about St. Martin- her family, friends, pets, her home, none of it.  All she could recall was the moment right before hearing the loud boom and then everything after.  It is said that she grew into a beautiful woman, married, had many lovely children and than not one of them was green.
     This piece actually came to us from one of the ancestors of the villagers that lived in Woolpit at the time- and that it was handed down from generation to generation.  She told us that she spoke to the woman who last had it that and she recounted the stories that her grandmothers had passed down over the years- and the stories that her grandmother told her all the way back to the the original grandmother- the day when it all happened.  She told her of the day that the green children came to town.  She was one of the villagers that first discovered the girl and helped her become acclimated to their ways and customs.  She was also one of the people that taught the girl how to speak English.  In gratitude, the girl gave her something that she brought with her from St. Martin and said she could visit her home world; but that the girl, herself, could never return.  She never said exaclty why.  The woman held on to this trinket and kept it with her wherever she went.  She said that she experienced dreams of a land where she was in an underground, subterranean world where everthing emitted a dim, uneartly green glow.  While you couldn't exaclty see the top of the "cave", there was no visible sun.  They also recalled that the air had a sweet quality to it- and when they awoke they could still smeill it in their nostrils.  The ground was soft and firm, but had an almost sponge-like quality.  You were filled with this overall feeling of peace and serenity.  The more often they experienced these dreams that over time they were able to find other people that still lived in the Land of Twilight.  They spoke the same language that the children had when they first arrived, but the elders of the place were able to consume some fruit from one of their sacred trees that granted them some type of universal translation.  When one of her ancestors ate of the same fruit they were able to understand one on another.  Neither one of them was speaking English or the St. Martin language, but they were able to converse with the other.  They learned many things from these visits, but the inhabitants of the Land of Twilight were not able to visit our reality- it was a one way destination.  They also had no idea what happened that sent their children into ours- they were grateful to learn that the girl was safe and doing well.  Every single grandmother said that they experienced the exact same thing when they had the piece.
     While the actual piece itself has been yielded to the ravages of time and is no longer in any type of useable condition.  The ability to travel to the Land of Twilight has been transferred into a newer, much sturdier piece that should last for many generations to come, without losing any of its potency.  The best and most recommended way to visit the mystical Land of St. Martin is to do it right around bedtime when the mind is calm and the body experiences a sensation of total relaxation.  Keep the piece near you before lying down and going to sleep.  Close your eyes and picture a cave, not one that you enter, but one that you're already in and then think about green- every shade and hue that you can think of; lime, chartreuse, pea, forest, hunter- it is best to start from the lightest shade and progressing to the darker shades.  Next create a sweet scent that is pleasant to you and breathe it in deeply.  Now, slowly, create your surroundings- keeping in mind that everything must be bathed in a green light or emit a type of green bio-luminscence.  See the approach of the green skinned people of St. Martin coming to greet you.  One of them will offer you a dark green fruit- accept and bite into it.  You have now created the permanent link between you and the Land of Twilight.  Everynight when you go to sleep you will automatically find yourself in the Land of St. Martin.