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The Origins of the Bordeaux Coven: Jolette

This girly is a dainty little thing. She is fit and trim and looks as though she must've spent her entire life preparing for a grueling triathlon that involved swimming across the Atlantic Ocean. She has choppy brown hair, about shoulder length, that is naturally unruly and beautiful at the same time. She stand about 5'4”, and has a pair of the warmest, most inquisitive eyes that you will encounter on anybody.

She will greet you with a smile and treat you with dignity, but don't ever take her kindness for granter. Certainly don't take it for a weakness. Jolette is her name, and she is one bad bitch. She's the type that can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. My advice to you is to let her be your best friend, because she makes a better friend than an enemy, especially considering everything she has working to her advantage.

No one in the group knows exactly how old Jolette is, because she doesn't really like to talk about her history much, as it is mostly painstaking and currently unnecessary knowledge. All that is known is that she was a most beautiful princess, set to inherit the throne at the young age of sixteen. As is customary, however, Jolette was to be wed before being able to take over any power in any capacity. Her father had arranged for her marriage to a rather wealthy nobleman's son. Jolette was in love with a locksmith, and such forged the tragic story of star-crossed lovers that could never be.

Jolette obeyed her father's command, because she loved him very much, but when he passed away two years later, she began having an affair with the locksmith. When her husband found out, he was green with envy and arranged for the murder of his wife's lover. When found out, she was panic stricken, and took off into the woods, where she was taken in by a group of sorcerers on a journey to find the original sorcerer's stone. Meanwhile, back in her kingdom, Jolette's absence lent the throne to her husband who ruled with the influence of tyranny and great oppression.

Shut off to the world, Jolette learned to become very independent, aside from the oversight of the sorcerers, who made sure nothing went horribly wrong. Eventually, the group of sorcerers, with the help of Jolette's new self-found agility, survival instincts, and stealthiness, were able to seize the sorcerers stone and obtain all of the powers withheld within it.

As for Jolette, she received her magic divination, and is now a proclaimed sorceress of the highest multitude. Her magical ability is unrivaled in all of Europe, to the present day. After she obtained her power, she returned to her kingdom, the whereabouts still unknown, and long story short, she offed her husband and his tyrant regime, passing on the rule of the throne to her younger brother Pierre. She disappeared, never to be seen again.

She exists to this day, only because of an immortality spell that she has cast upon herself. She has ravaged her soul, searching for magic that will bring her lover back to her. However, after a long period of time during which she tried and tried again, unsuccessfully, she has finally decided to relax and let the answers come to her. Her solution? Try a little bit of good karma. When she found the coven she decided that it would be worth her while to assist in their goal of protecting the human race. She figures that eventually the power of three time three will come to her and relinquish the magic that she covets the most-- the magic to revive those that have been unjustly put to death.

She has also given me her powers and they are the powers that are forged into the piece that you see here. These powers are are extravagant and will give you the secrets powers of the Sorcerer's Stone. Just to let you in on another little secret, the Sorcerer's Stone is the begin-all, end-all power sources. Without this stone, magical ability would not be possible. The stone naturally exhibits the powers that God himself used to create the universe. This piece will charm you will a power called the omnisource. What the omnisource will allow you you to do is create brand new powers and alter, dissipate, or negate any power found anywhere in the universe. You will be given the power to strip any entity of their powers and to vanquish the entity to any realm that you choose is necessary. Be careful with this power, though. As according to Jolette, this power is monitored closely by Karma and you will be given consequences appropriately, both negative and positive.

Asides from the power of the Sorcerer's stone, you will be given Jolette's speed and agility, her natural ability to sense trouble and danger, and her ability to survive independently. You will find her powers to be awfully useful. You will receive the piece that you see here.