Wovoka Ghost Dance ( 40 STERLING SALE)
Wovoka Ghost Dance ( 40 STERLING SALE)

Wovoka Ghost Dance ( 40 STERLING SALE)

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Wovoka Ghost Dance

Many of you know that the Native Americans are a very spiritual group of people.  For the most part, they are peaceful individuals who were made out to be savages by encroaching white settlers.  Of course, this is what the Europeans do best.  They move into a land that isn't theirs and paint an ugly picture of its current occupants to fit their political agenda.  They've done in countless places including India, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, South America and North America.  In fact, the largest genocide in the world happened in North America.

 If you think 6 million Jews are bad, you should try the minimum of 10 million Natives that were slaughtered by white settlers in America.  I'm not saying white people are evil, I'm just saying that we shouldn't always wear the white cap... call a spade a spade. Anyway, the point is that the Native Americans were peaceful, spiritual group of people, in tune with their natural surroundings to an extent that they could use their bodies to spiritually manifest desired effects in the world.  For instance, a rain dance brings forth rain.  A harvest dance brings forth abundant crops for the harvest.  A protection dance brings spiritual protection for the villagers.

Following this paradigm, a Ghost Dance has the ability to resurrect the deceased.  The Ghost Dance was officially introduced by one Wovoka who was adopted by a white family after the Massacre at Wounded Knee when skittish troops misinterpreted the Ghost Dance as a war dance.  Wovoka, whose father was a medicine man and shaman, was renamed Jack Wilson  after being adopted being orphaned when his father, Taviba, was killed during the incident.  He spent his child hood with his adopted family who was very good to him.   However, curiosity got the better of him and he eventually returned to his people.

At the beginning of his adulthood Wovoka spread the truths that were passed down to him through his shaman bloodline.  He used these powers to preach peace and coexistence.  To do this he developed a type of magic that promoted peace and spiritual stability.  One of the proponents of his message was the Ghost Dance.  The Ghost Dance was a dance that the Natives could do that would pull through any spirit.  The dance would enchant them, putting them on the same spiritual level as spirits, allowing them to communicate with their ancestors and other spirits.  The ultimate goal was to summon a source of power known as the Great Spirit, who is a being of pure white magic.

This item has been passed down through a few generations.  It is the physical manifestation of the energies of the Ghost Dance.  It will allow you to pull through spirits of all kinds.  You can use this during seances and while summoning the dead.  It will allow great accuracy while performing your rituals and the ability to acquire the powers of those spirits that you successfully channel.  During testing I used it to pull through a spirit form vampire.  We sent him back, but the fact that we were able to accomplish this is a testament to the power in this item!