Voice in My Head; My Voodoo Mask Were Talking
Voice in My Head; My Voodoo Mask Were Talking

Voice in My Head; My Voodoo Mask Were Talking

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Okay so I got these masks last time I was in New Orleans.  I walked into a cool little voodoo shop and there they were, looking at me.  I mean, they have hollow eyes, so it wasn't that hard to notice them staring.  However, there was something about those masks that day that made me purchase them.  It's almost like I felt the need to... like they were pulling me in begging me to take them with... so I did.  I kept them wrapped up for a few weeks and just a week ago, I unwrapped them and hung them on my "Mardi Gras Wall," which boasts quite a collection of things I've collect that I've got while in New Orleans, including beads that I've done some crazy things for!  

Well, when I took them out from the box I was storing them in, strange things began to happen.  I mean, first of all I could feel the energy radiating from them, like it was about to pop.  I know that sometimes things have energies attached to them.  I don't want these energies, but I'm not about to give my masks.  I love my masks; so I hung them on the wall and let them there.  Then, they started talking to me.  I'm not talking about like little things, or whispers in the night.  Nope.  I got in from work one night and this largest of the three masks began having a full-fledged conversation.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  I mean, I've come across some freaky stuff, but this was kind of freaky in a new way, and actually kind of funny.  

Long story short, the masks told me that if I was going to use the powers in them, to at least pass the powers onto somebody who will.  I agreed and the largest mask gave me instructions on how to transfer their energies.  I got a piece from Deedee and this is the piece that I have fused the powers of my three masks into.  

These masks were made by a voodoo priest who gave them spiritual brains and the know how of all the magical voodoo spells he has ever performed, created, used, or has seen used.  They are vessels of knowledge of just about every voodoo spell made and will give you this knowledge when you possess this piece.  Additionally it will give you the powers of mind projection voodoo.  Don't waste your time stabbing around at a voodoo doll.  Nope.  Simply concentrate on the face of your target and meditate on that for a while.  Then project the Voodoo power you wish to afflict upon them. It can be used for curses or white light.  It's up to you.  

Oh, by the way, don't be startled in you start hearing the voices talk to you too.  It's not a bad things and least they are nice! Come to think of it I did give ONE of my masks away as a gift, which is why I only had three.  I wonder if they're hearing voices too?  Either way, this piece does powerful voodoo magic!  Enjoy!