The 28 Mansions of the Moon

The 28 Mansions of the Moon

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The 28 Mansions of the Moon

The Moon is a very important concept in the Universal Realm, for it is the moon that controls the ebb and flow of magical or communication power to your Archangels. It is your direct line!

The Mansions of the Moon refer to the influence of the Moon exerts as it travels across the heavens viewed against the background of the constellations~!

These four quadrants of the sky contain the 28 mansions of the Zodiac each visited in turn as the Moon continues its orbit around the Earth. As the annual Zodiac, or the cycle of the Sun in a year, and divided into twelve equal signs, so also the cycle of the Moon among the Fixed Stars, or constellations, is divided into daily stations.

During the series of 28 divisions when the Moon's travel through one complete circuit of 360 degrees, each Mansion representing one day's average travel of the Moon (12° 51' 25.2", or approximately 13.5 degrees), beginning apparently at the point of the Spring Equinox, or 0° Aries.

Each of these 28 mansions was believed to emanate an influence that could be harnessed by magicians.

Extensively described by Francis Barrett, the following has been extracted from his famous book on magic, The Magus which was published in London in 1801....According to Barrett, “In these twenty eight Mansions do lie hid many secrets of the wisdom of the ancients, by the which they wrought wonders on all things which are under the circle of the Moon.... “

** The majestic embrace that each of the mansions holds is a strenthenging that proclaims the control of all magic!! The forces are exceptionally strong and to be able to conjure them is extraordinarily difficult! Merlin was able to reap the benefit of pulling forth this explicit energy and it has been placed within these cuff links~

These hold immense amounts of tense powers that will radicate within your body and impede you with the magnetic erratification to implore all magic and be able to master the skills of all occult powers!

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