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Scientists learned that some people are able to see up to 100 times the range of colours most of us can~!

Due to the subjective nature of vision it is likely that those with this remarkable gift wouldn"t even be aware of it as their superhuman vision would seem normal to them.

While the average person can perceive up to a million colors, "tetrachromats" may be able to see up to 100 millioncolors, opening up a vista of subtle shades and hues that are incomprehensible to everyone else.

Neuroscientist Gabriele Jordan, and her team, have been actively searching for people with this remarkable ability and against all odds they believe they have found one of them - a doctor who is referred to only as "cDa29".

There are millions of colors invisible to the rest of us. Shine wanted to understand this extraordinary power of sight, and infused a calling to learn more and developed this piece to bring forth the mystical vantage point of colors to the person who wears it!

Do you want to see through new eyes? This will not help your vision, in the aspect of changing your script, but will enrich your eyes with the invoked power to see things like never before!

You will sense and realize new details in things that you have seen a thousand times before -- the smallest thing will gleam with radiance as the gorgeous shades of proclaimed colors will follicate in front of you.

Testers raved about the incredible infusement of bliss that prominated truth in their eyes --- this is phenomenal~!!