Holiday Sale --- Piece 1

Holiday Sale --- Piece 1

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A token piece from the sea - this necklace holds a Cressant Shell that holds the spirit of Luinda -- she is a gorgeous mermiad that will radiate her magic within you and by following the ritual she disclosed to us while wearing this piece you will be able to turn in to a mermiad, or merman!

Put on the piece and then follow these steps ---->

Get in the bath, make sure its dark or dim in the bathroom, not bright~

The whole time you are saying this spell remember and imagine that you are a mermaid/merman
-let the tub fill as far as it can, or as far as you want it, then sprinkle 3 tablespoons ofsalt
  into the water

~ lay down and recite this spell one time
make sure you are wearing this piece, then recite the below spell one time
-its ok to write down the spell and say it

a human when dry
a mermaid when wet
the rain does not matter
it cannot change me
but a single drop
of any other water will

a human when dry
a mermaid when wet
and to have a power
just like Cleo from H2o
and to have a tail
the color of blue

 mmmm   na human when dry
a mermaid when wet
gills are not needed
just a big breathe
that will last for 30 minutes

a human when dry
a mermaid when wet
i will get my tail and powers
in one week
i will get my tail
one minute after being wet
this is my wish

a human when dry
a mermaid when wet

After you have finisned this spell , do what your heart tells you to~!